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Save Family Memories with Picture Keeper Connect

Save Family Memories with Picture Keeper Connect

The holidays are a great time for making family memories and capturing precious moments. I love using my Nikon DSLR Camera and my Android smartphone to take photos and create videos of my family. My camera allows me to capture higher quality photos and my phone is great for spontaneous snapshots especially on the go. I take lots of photos of my kids so it’s equally as important to me to have a way to protect my photos from accidental deletion. Picture Keeper Connect offers a simple way of backing up family photos from a phone and transferring photo files to a tablet or computer!

Backup and Save Family Photos with Picture Keeper Connect - Mommy Scene

No technology is fool proof. Even if I have a nice camera, relatively new smart phone, multiple SD memory cards and a reliable laptop computer, photos can still be deleted and go missing. On my phone, deleting a photo is as easy as swiping the wrong direction. My kids love playing with my phone and looking at my photos and it would be super easy for them to accidentally delete an irreplaceable photo.. (Just try successfully posing your child the same way again; not going to happen.) Picture Keeper Connect connects to your phone using a micro USB plug so you can quickly and regularly download and backup your photos. This photo backup device is also helpful for moving files to a tablet or computer when you want to edit your photos or share them from your PC. The Picture Keeper Connect I received for review holds 16GB of files (also available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB) so I can keep all my best shots saved in a second secure location.

Backup Family Photos with Picture Keeper Connect - Mommy Scene

Back Up Photos Lightning Fast

To use Picture Keeper Connect, simply download the Connect App, connect the micro USB connector to your phone and start backing up photos from your mobile device. The Android Connect cable and app are compatible with the standard USB Type-A port used by most Android smartphones manufactured by Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola. You can check the OTG Compatibility list to determine if your mobile device will work with the Picture Keeper Connect app.  If you have a newer Android device with a USB Type-C port, you will need the Keeper Converter instead of the Android Connect cable. This was the case for my newer Android 7.1.1 phone. Once everything is connected you can conveniently backup and restore photos stored on Android devices, transfer them to your computer, or just store your photo files on the Picture Keeper Connect.

Backup Wedding Photos with Picture Keeper Connect - Mommy Scene

I recently heard a story that would be a wedding photographer’s nightmare; a lady shot several weddings and later discovered that her external hard drive where she stored her photos became corrupted. Her efforts to restore the files through a professional file restoration service only recovered a percentage of the photos. Talk about heartache over lost images! Anyone would feel so bad to lose precious photos. With Picture Keeper Connect, you can easily back up your mobile photos during a wedding or special event to avoid losing priceless images.

Picture Keeper Connect Highlights

  • Backup all photos, videos, and contacts.
  • Only save new files with every new backup to prevent duplicate files.
  • Seamlessly track files on multiple Picture Keeper Connect drives.
  • Access stored contacts and important phone numbers by simply plugging in the device.
  • View your files on someone else’s phone or share your photos from your computer.
  • View, select, backup, and delete single items or entire albums from the phone or drive.
  • Avoid running out of storage by backing up files on vaction or during an event, even without internet!
  • Choose from 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB USB storage space.

Backup and Save Family Photos with a Picture Keeper Connect Drive - Mommy Scene

Another cool feature — if you run out of room on one Picture Keeper Connect drive, you can just plug in another drive and the app seamlessly picks up where the last drive left off.

Backup and Save Kids Photos with Picture Keeper Connect - Mommy Scene

I definitely recommend this versatile way to back up your family snapshots if you love taking photos on your phone! Picture Keeper Connect is a helpful safeguard for preserving photo memories on vacations and family adventures as well as protecting precious captured moments at home.

What is your favorite feature about Picture Keeper Connect?

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As a mama of 4, this is something I most def need to ensure that I keep safe all the pictures. I usually am capturing pictures on a weekly basis so I so need this. Thanks for the chance.

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

Wow!! I think I really need this picture keeper connector. The best way to save lots of memorable images, no need to delete more file just to save new photos. This is truly amazing. I will definitely check this out.

Nicole f
Nicole f

This is a great idea! Last year my phone crashed and I lost all of my photos! The worst day of my life. This would be great to save those memories


I definitely need the picture keeper. Being a blogger I take so many pictures and dont like to delete them, however I am running out of space and this would e a great solution.

Angela Ricardo Bethea
Angela Ricardo Bethea

Wow!!! This is totally awesome. I think I really need this picture keeper connector. No need to delete files in my phone. I am looking forward to this.

Pooja Kawatra

I am sure this is a life saver for parents when kids took over the phone and without realising delete some gorgeous photos.

Stephanie Jeannot

Good to have if you keep invaluable photos in your phone and don’t save them elsewhere. And yes I know exactly what you mean about deleting things by accident. Happens to me all the time. Sounds like a good idea.


What a great idea for families! Love the size of it too, easy to take with you. Nice post, will have to grab this!

Shubhada Bhide
Shubhada Bhide

This is really useful and interesting product. This Picture Keeper Connect is really important nowadays, We really need back up of our memorable photos. Will check this product.

Yvon Lux

Perfect timing for the holidays! I always forget to backup. This seems like it’ll come in handy and a perfect stocking suffer! 🙂


I had never heard of picture keeper but it sounds like such a good idea, great for families who are always doing fun activities and accumulate a lot of pictures quickly!

Tanvi Rastogi

That sounds perfect … would be a great gift for almost all adults.

❥ tanvii.com

erica ardali

I love the picture keeper. A few years ago I lost every thing, my house, my job, i lost it all. We were homeless and completely uprooted. i was able to save our memories because i had a picture keeper. I guarded theat baby for dear life! It means so much to me.

Emily Terrell

I think this is perfect for parents! I know my kids have tried and/or succeeded in deleting some of my pictures before. Having something small, portable, and fast is a great thing for Moms!