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Teach Kids to Swim & Love Water with a Mermaid Tail

Teach Kids to Swim & Love Water with a Mermaid Tail

Learning how to swim is a great skill kids can use year round. We love going to the lake in the summer and visiting our indoor community pool in the winter. If you are going to be around pools and hot tubs, it’s especially important to teach kids how to be safe around water. Sun Tail Mermaid fins are a fun way to encourage kids to learn how to swim and feel comfortable in the water.

All of my kids have responded differently when introduced to swimming and playing in water. These Sun Tail Mermaid fins are a fun tool to encourage girls to play in the pool and practice swimming basics, all the while pretending to be mermaids. My oldest daughter was very tentative about swimming and even struggled during her toddler swimming lessons when she was 3. She would have loved using a mermaid tail to become comfortable in the water on her own terms. In contrast, my 2-year-old son has no fear of water; he jumps right in and we have to stay right there with him to keep him safe. My little boy is sure to be an eager swimmer when we introduce him to swimming lessons.

Small children will have fun splashing around in these Sun Tail Mermaid fins. Older kids can master the skills of swimming with the mono-fin, which slips under the stretchy mermaid tail cover. Kids can easily insert their feet into the mono-fin, add the mermaid tail cover on top and be ready for gliding around the pool.

Tips for Teaching Kids to Swim

  • Regularly introduce young kids to water in a casual setting.
  • Kids can practice putting their face under water and blowing bubbles.
  • Use a mermaid tail to practice kicking and flipping in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Don’t pressure kids to go into deeper water before they are ready.
  • Make swimming fun and creative in a safe environment!

In winter we don’t have as many opportunities to swim, but we can still use our hot tub! My daughter enjoys using her mermaid tail during her dips in our family hot tub.

Kids can be little fishes or they can have the tendency to avoid water. What tips have you used to encourage your kids to enjoy swimming and playing in water?

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