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Glittery DIY Tooth Fairy Coins

Glittery DIY Tooth Fairy Coins

My daughter learned about the tooth fairy from an older friend or cousin. Since then, she’s been eagerly anticipating her first tooth falling out. I told her she may have a few years to wait, being only 4 years old. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some tooth fairy inspired fun! These tooth fairy coins are a fun way to use old coins. I’m not sure who carries pennies anymore, since they seem to be obsolete even at garage sales. We found a few around the house that served perfectly for our tooth fairy coins! Using foreign coins would also work well, since many other currencies include tiny coins, perfect for this tooth fairy currency project. The daintier the coin the better!

Glittery DIY tooth fairy coins - Mommy Scene

Has your child lost their first tooth? The childhood event of losing a tooth is often a surprising and exciting occasion. My 4-year-old daughter is very excited about losing her baby teeth and getting her big girl teeth. I told her it will still be awhile before any of her teeth are loose, but that doesn’t stop her from regularly checking her tiny baby teeth. When a tooth does fall out, we will be ready to mark the occasion with this adorable Tooth Fairy Kit and Baby Tooth Album. It has everything you need to make losing a tooth magically exciting for your child!

How To Make Glittery Tooth Fairy Coins

To make homemade stardust bedazzled tooth fairy coins, gather an assortment of small coins and spray them with spray paint. We used pink and blue spray paint. If you want the coins to look authentic but still glittery, skip the spray paint step and proceed directly to step two.

Make your own glittery DIY tooth fairy coins - Mommy Scene

Glitter Makes Tooth Fairy Money Sparkle

Spray your tooth fairy coins with a layer of clear acrylic spray and dust with glitter. We used translucent purple glitter, aqua glitter, and shimmery gold glitter. The very fine craft glitter works best for this. Let the coins dry and flip them over to glitterize the other side of each tooth fairy coin.

Spray old coins with glitter to make Tooth Fairy Coins! - Mommy Scene

For added glitter control, spray both sides of your tooth fairy coins with a final coat of clear acrylic spray. These tooth fairy coins are so fun and super magical! When my daughter finally does lose a tooth, I know she will be delighted to find several of these coins under her pillow. Tooth fairy coins are a great idea for kids who loose a tooth and haven’t yet learned how to handle money. When one of their baby teeth falls out, you can give your kids tooth fairy coins which they can exchange for a prize or treat. Plus tooth fairy coins are more fun than typical money, and definitely more sparkly!

Glittery diy Tooth Fairy coins for imaginative play - Mommy Scene

DIY Tooth Fairy Coins Easy How-To

1. Spray old coins with spray paint or clear acrylic spray.

2. Dust each side of your coins with glitter.

3. Allow to dry, topping with a final coat of clear acrylic spray paint.

4. Use for imaginative play and enjoy!

Glittery DIY tooth fairy coins make losing a tooth fun!

Tooth fairy coins make a visit from the tooth fairy fun and magical!

Glittery Tooth Fairy coins kids' craft - Mommy Scene

My daughter can't wait to lose her first tooth so the tooth fairy can visit - Mommy Scene

Glittery Tooth Fairy money and DIY fairy coins - Mommy Scene

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Celebrate your child losing their first tooth with glittery DIY tooth fairy coins - Mommy Scene

This cute Tooth Fairy Kit includes a door hanger with the message, “Dear Tooth Fairy, Please Stop Here!” It’s perfect for little princesses who love castles and pretending. The Baby Tooth book has little slots to store each of your child’s baby teeth, a cute way to preserve them in your child’s baby box. When your child’s tooth falls out, they can tuck it into the silky light pink satin draw string pouch and tuck it under their pillow to await the tooth fairy. A little ribbon tied scroll is the perfect place to write the tooth fairy a personalized message.

Darling Tooth Fairy Baby Tooth Album review - Mommy Scene

Sweet Tooth Fairy Album kit for girls - Mommy Scene review

The Complete Tooth Fairy Kit also makes a great gift thanks to the beautiful storage box and descriptive packaging. The display window allows you to see everything in the box before opening it. If your child likes to celebrate, this Tooth Fairy set is a perfect way to encourage their excitement. As a kid, I remember putting my tooth under my pillow and wondering if a special treasure would be left in its place in the morning. Ideas for tooth fairy prizes include leaving a special treat, favorite candy, or glitter DIY Tooth Fairy coins that your kids can trade in for prizes.

My daughter thinks her Tooth Fairy coins are amazing and loves putting them into her My Baby Tooth pouch, while she’s waiting for her tooth to get loose. The Complete Tooth Fairy Kit comes in a blue knight theme as well as the pink princess set + several other Tooth Fairy Set themes. Includes a Baby Tooth Pouch, Tooth Fairy stationery to write a special letter, and a Tooth Fairy door hanger to remind her to stop by.

Boys knight-themed Complete Tooth Fairy Kit - Mommy Scene

Baby Tooth Fairy Album kit - Mommy Scene review

Celebrate toothless smiles with this “Tooth Fairy Approved” kit to help the tooth fairy save and organize those tiny treasures in her baby tooth library complete with a picture of your child’s toothless smile! Sweet dreams!

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Dr Momma

This looks like a fun idea!

Bethany C
Bethany C

My girls would love these


This is too adorable. Since my goddaughter thinks I am actually a Fairy, this would be perfect.


What a cute little package. This is just adorable! I bet my nieces would love it!

Sashay R
Sashay R

Such a cute way to celebrate the very special moment.

Anne M
Anne M

This is such an adorable way to introduce the tooth fair and also to store the baby teeth. It is so much better than putting the tooth in an envelope that is dated and thrown into a cabinet.

Dotty J
Dotty J

This is so adorable, I didn’t even know they had something like this out their at the stores, I will have to check on this because two of my grandchildren just recently lost a tooth.