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Kids’ Summer Hair Tips

Kids’ Summer Hair Tips

Summer play can be loaded with fun, but can also be hard on hair. Chlorine from the pool or salt from the beach can dry hair out and strip its natural oils. The summer sunny rays can bleach your hair, frizz your locks, and give you split ends. Warmer weather in general means increased humidity which can make some hair types hard to manage. Kids have a hard time taking care of their hair in general and regularly brushing their locks. I’m excited to share some easy summer hair care tips and some amazing kid-friendly hair products that have fun fragrances and most importantly, make managing my little girls’ hair much easier!

Rock the Locks kids' hair products - Mommy Scene

Protect Hair From the Sun

It’s fun to have naturally bleached summer highlights as long as your hair isn’t getting damaged. I use a kid-friendly conditioner on my girls’ hair to make sure it’s moisturized and protected against summer dryness. Dry hair from sun exposure can split, frizz, tangle, and be much harder to brush. Each bath time I wash my girls’ hair and apply a naturally moisturizing conditioner to restore my kids’ hair. You can make bath time even easier by using a Shampoo + Conditioner such as Rock the Locks blueberry blend. It’s made with essential oils and fruit extracts and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. Did I mention it smells amazing? And it’s made in the USA!

Rock the Locks kids' hair styling products - Mommy Scene

Rock the Locks kids' hair products for curly and straight hair - Mommy Scene

Tame Dry Ends with Natural Hair Care

My girls have very different hair; one has straight hair and the other is curly. I get to practice caring for both types of hair!

Straight Hair Care

Keep hair groomed and ready to be swept up in a ponytail or clipped back. My daughter likes having her hair styled with detangler and a bit of texture paste which gives straight hair some extra fullness.

Detangled hair by applying a bit of water during brushing to work out any tangles and knots. For matted or teased hair, use a natural detangler such as Rock the Locks Not So Knotty conditioning detangler. This kid-friendly detangler is easy to spray on thanks to the special misting spray bottle and it’s made with natural ingredients and smells like pineapple!

Texture hair by applying a bit of sculpting gel and work through your child’s hair to the ends. Rock the Locks Texture Paste gives straight hair extra body and allows you to spike it and smooth out fly away hairs. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy and it smells like green apple!

Curly Hair Care

Curly hair can be another challenge but with a little maintenance your child can have beautiful curly locks all summer long! It’s tempting to cut off long hair for warmer weather, but long hair allows for ponytails, braids, hair poofs, and lots of other fun summer hair styles.

Maximize curls by applying a natural detangler to brush out tangles and knots, followed by a natural curl boosting spray to give hair extra bounce in warm weather. Rock the Locks Curl Boost enhances curls & defines waves without weighing hair down. It’s humidity resistant and perfect for unruly hair. This Orange Creamsicle scent is infused with essential oils, super fruit complex, and natural hair boosting ingredients.

Finish hairstyles with a natural hair spray that also boosts hair’s natural oils and smooths down wispy ends. A reliable hairspray is a must have for any darling hair style!

Rock the Locks kids' hair products for curly and straight hair - Mommy Scene

Rock the Locks green apple texture paste - Mommy Scene

Give your kids an awesome hairstyle with green apple texture paste!

Fun blueberry bath time products - Mommy Scene

Blissful Blueberry Bath Time

Bath time is much more fun if kids get to use naturally scented products. Many products that are sparkly with fun fragrances are also filled with chemicals; our family tends to avoid those and instead use natural alternatives. Rock the Locks offers help for every type of hair; this Shampoo + Conditioner smells so good, just like blueberries! I love knowing that it’s getting the job done without introducing my kids to chemicals. Rock the Locks kids’ hair products are made in the USA and free of phthalates and parabins too!

My kids also enjoy interactive activities in the bath. Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap is a squishable bath soap that can be rubbed on as body wash and molded into fun shapes. Sudsy Dough is made with beeswax so it doesn’t immediately melt away and it creates gentle suds when rubbed on the skin. Sudsy Dough is also made with natural ingredients and comes in several fragrances; Merry Mango, Sassy Strawberry, Awesome Apple, and Bubbly Blueberry!

Rock the Locks hair products for kids - Mommy Scene

Whether you are creating a fun hairstyle or just headed to the beach, taking care of your hair in the summer will help you have healthy locks and fabulous summer style!

Katie enjoys all things creative; DIY projects, photography, decorating and family adventures. She feels blessed to be a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids and many artistic outlets.

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Amelia Clayton

Hi Katie,
This article is great for mums that are looking for Summer hair tips for their kids. All of these points are great for saving time on your travels whilst still being able to look after your children’s hair. I like the second point about conditioning as it’s a great, simplistic way for mums to get the most out of their child’s hair. Thanks for sharing this article.

Nicola @ Happy Healthy Motivated

Parents can often be so wrapped up in taking care of their own hair that they totally forget about their kids’ hair! Love all these tips and the products look great!