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Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner

Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner

Why We Love Them

Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner makes it easy to turn your bathroom into a personal spa with the refreshing scent of eucalyptus entwined with aromas of clove and cedar. Designed to safely clean all bathroom surfaces, this cleaner is non-corrosive and effortlessly removes hard water deposits and tough build-up from calcium, rust, mold and mildew from bathroom surfaces. It’s safe on porcelain, chrome, walls, floors, and grout. Pure Care Bathroom Cleaner is made from natural ingredients and safe for your family, pets, and the planet.

This cleaner gets the job done without loads of chemicals. It’s easy to spray on and wipe off and it leaves behind a lovely smell. It’s available in fragrances Eucalyptus Clove Cedar, Refreshing Mint, Lemongrass Vetiver, and Cedar Patchouli Orange.¬†Ingredients include filtered water, low pH Organic Salt, a non-ionic surfactant, Clove Oil, Cedar Oil, and Lime Oil. We use this all-in-one spray to clean the sink, floor, toilet, and tub!¬†

Judges’ Feedback

5 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
4 stars Design & Innovation

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