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Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Chocolate Balloon Bowls

After seeing these on Pinterest, I was dying to try to make them! They were actually pretty simple once I figured out a system. Chocolate Balloon Bowls will take your party to the next level AND they are so customizable! You can make any range of sizes and fill them with all sorts of gourmet treats; fruit, chocolate mousse, pudding, ice cream and more!

Materials needed: Balloons, melted chocolate, delicious filling.

To start, I blew up four balloons to a very small, barely-inflated size. I melted chocolate chips in the microwave, mixing it between 30 second intervals to prevent the chocolate from burning.

How to make chocolate dessert bowls - Mommy Scene

I dipped each balloon into the chocolate, coating it to form a small bowl.

Balloons dipped in chocolate, dessert bowls - Mommy Scene

Dipping the balloons was a little tricky to keep the bowls consistent in size, depth, and pretty with a clean edge.

homemade chocolate ballon bowls - Mommy Scene

I used a muffin tin to prop the balloons bowl-side up in the freezer to quickly harden them.

Make your own chocolate dessert cups - Mommy Scene

Once hard, I used the balloon to flex the bowl off, being careful to not hurt the delicate edges of the bowl (or pop the balloon) You can also use your finger to gently prod the balloon off the inside of the bowl if it’s resisting removal. If you have more balloons, you could just pop them once the chocolate hardens and not worry about removing or reusing them.

Chocolate balloon bowls how to - Mommmy Scene

Overall, my Chocolate Balloon Bowls turned out wonderfully — delightful homemade dessert bowls!

Gourmet homemade dessert bowls - Mommy Scene

I filled them with freshly cut up strawberries. I would have loved to get fancier with my filling, but I ran out of time! These would be amazing to hold homemade cooled custard or ice cream. (With chocolate shavings on top, of course!)

Chocolate ice cream and fruit bowls - Mommy Scene

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Wow your guests with your own homemade Chocolate Balloon Bowls, or just make them as a fun project with your kids.

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DIY Chocolate Balloon Bowls for desserts and fruit - Mommy Scene

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Wow! these would take desserts to the next level!

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These are so creative and look so yummy!