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Helpful Tips for Traveling with Kids

Helpful Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with young kids can be tricky, whether you are challenged by entertaining your kids on road trips or navigating the sleeping situation at hotel rooms. Our family has traveled a few times with our kids and our experience has been different each time. We’ve learned some useful tips for traveling with kids as well as things to avoid, and we’ve tried some great gear that has made traveling with kids a whole lot easier!

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal featuring travel bed rails.

Choose Kid-Friendly Accommodations

Stay in a place where your kids can have their own room or section of a room. Vacation rentals by owner (VRBO) are a great option for getting a larger space for your money. You can often rent a small house or condo for the price of an average hotel room. We love staying in VRBO rented places. If your kids can have their own room then it’s a lot easier for you and your hubby to stay up later to talk or watch a movie. These individual vacation rentals also often have their own kitchen and are furnished, so you can easily make breakfast and enjoy meals at home while on vacation with your family.

Traveling with Kids in a RV Motorhome - Mommy Scene

When we don’t rent a house, we love traveling in our RV motorhome which allows us to cook meals in our own kitchen and gives the kids places to nap during the day and sleep in beds at night.

Kids can sleep in their own beds in a RV motorhome - Traveling with Kids

Don’t Ditch Naptime

Maintain nap routines so your kids don’t become cranky while you are off on your family adventures. My kids still nap right after lunch for at least one hour. If the kids miss a nap it’s harder to enjoy the afternoon. Our RV motorhome allows the kids to sleep in actual beds for naptime, even if we are parked at the zoo!

When we are on the go, the kids can nap right in their car seats in the RV motorhome. The increased space allows them to stretch their legs and cuddle up with a pillow. It’s important for kids to stay in their car seats while an RV is moving, just like in a car.

Naps on the go in a RV motorhome - Traveling with Kids

Choose Casual Destinations

Don’t pack your schedule too full when traveling with kids. Leave room to have fun and fit casual activities in. We usually plan 2 to 3 main activities to do per day and fill in the rest of the time with spontaneous activities; walking through a park, going to a local ice cream shop, or just wandering the town and enjoying the local culture. Maybe you’ll find a local farmer’s market to stop by. Casual trip planning allows us to have down time with our small children and not have to worry about meeting our itinerary goals.

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Oregon coast family hike with young children - Mommy Scene

Make some special memories vs. seeing everything you can. We focus on making a few special memories with our kids on vacation, rather than seeing everything possible. We loved exploring the tide pools on our Oregon family vacation last year and and hiking with our baby to a forest waterfall in Hawaii. The rest of the vacation easily fades in memory, but these specific events of traveling with kids are memorable and cherished.

Bring Helpful Kids’ Travel Gear

Staying away from home with your toddler? These travel bed rails from The Shrunks make naps and bedtime much easier for kids when away from home. You can create a cozy sleep space and barrier on any bed that will make a child feel more secure. The Shrunks travel bed rails feature a slim design that easily slips under the bed sheet. You can inflate these portable bed rails in minutes using the compact foot pump it comes with in a convenient carrying bag. All the materials are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and lead-free and The Shrunks inflatable bed rails are designed for ages 2 and older. The inflated size is 48 in. x 7 in. x 4 in. and the bed rails roll up at a weight of 0.6 lbs.

  • Keep your child safe from rolling off the bed.
  • Slim design slips conveniently under any fitted twin, queen or king bed sheet.
  • Recommended for kids 2 years and up.

The Shrunks portable bed rail makes it easy to nap on the go in a RV motorhome

Traveling with kids in a RV motorhome - The Shrunks portable bed rail

The Shrunks travel bed rails may need to be occasionally re-inflated depending on location, temperature, and humidity. My 2-year-old needs a rail or some type of barrier to successfully stay in bed. We have a built-in rail at home on her bed and these inflatable bed rails provide the security on the go that my daughter has built into her bed at home. Sippy Cups

These are easily our favorite sippy cups to use when traveling with kids, featuring a weighted straw and easy-to-grasp handles. The straw allows your child to easily drink when semi-reclined in a car seat or stroller. And the straw is thinner than normal so they are pretty hard to spill in the car. My daughter loves her award-winning sippy cup and she’s hard to convince to drink from anything else!

Yummi Pouch jewel print cloth snack bags by Revelae Kids

Yummi Pouch Cloth Snack & Storage Bags by Revelae Kids

These modern cloth snack bags are another travel essential to hold our snacks while on family hikes. They close with a zipper and perfectly hold dry snacks, fruit, hair accessories, cosmetics, and more! Everything Storage Bags by Revelae Kids are ideal to hold larger items such as extra clothes, hats and sunglasses, and bottles of sunscreen or bug repellent. You can keep everything together in a cute, moisture-resistant cloth bag that you can tuck into your purse, diaper bag, or beach bag.

Okiedog Kids Backpacks

Nothing travels better on a family vacation than a cute kids’ travel bag. okiedog has several darling backpacks designed especially for kids and roomy enough to hold all a child’s necessities.  These okiedog Wildpacks would be perfect for family traveling this summer and could be used later for school!

Enjoy Kid-Friendly Adventuring

We like exploring forest trails and stopping on a stump for snack time. Kids enjoy time spent together as a family and discovering simple things like pretty flowers, spotting a chipmunk, and throwing rocks in a lake. Don’t plan an adventure that’s too long; our kids eventually need to be carried the rest to the way back to the car.

Family hike - Traveling with kids Easy kid-friendly forest hikes - Traveling with Kids

A hike through the forest is a fun and easy way to enjoy the great outdoors and fill an afternoon while traveling with kids.

Where will you go adventuring with your family this summer? Every family can enjoy the stage they are in by choosing age-appropriate ways to make memories and go on adventures as a family.

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Never seen these before. Looks like a must have for traveling with kids.

Jillian T

I love these bed rails because they solved the problem of what to do on our next trip.

Tabathia B

I like that these bed rails are not restricted on size or age and that it’s more inside the bed

Chelsey B

We co-sleep and put our mattress on the floor so if my daughter rolls off, she won’t get hurt. I am scared every time we travel that she’ll fall off the bed. I didn’t know that something like this even existed.

Melina R

i like that it helps kids from falling out of bed.


I love that these bed rails are easy to store!

Beth C

This would be a great product to have even at home

Ashley C

I love that this can fit any bed. We haven’t had too many issues when traveling with our kids… mainly just finding places to stop when they have to go potty! AH!

Amber L

Wow!! This is brilliant!! My son is a tosser and a turner and this would really help us when traveling!!


I need these bed rails for my family. Great travel tips

Meghan B

These bed rails would be awesome! Help keep my daughter safe in a bed she is not familiar with.


I love this product since my toddler just recently converted to a toddler bed and I am wondering what we would do on vacation.

Amanda M

The rail would be helpful when camping. Kids tend to roll all over the place in a tent and I wake up with body parts in my face and kids laying outside their sleeping bags. This could help with that!

Lissa C

I love the idea of this product! Fear of falling out of bed is a huge issue for us when my kiddos and I spend the weekend at their grandparents or aunts homes. I love that they are soft, unlike a metal rail and how portable they are!

Violet T

I love how easily these bed rails store.

Sherry B

Inflatable bed rails seem like a great way to keep kids in bed.

Klydra P

Sometimes it can be hard for kids to sleep away from home. Love how these bed rails create a safe, cozy sleep space.

Janet W

These are great travel tips. Love the sippy, cloth snack bags, and convenient portable bed rails.


I like that these travel bed rails can fit any sized bed.

Katie B

I love this idea! These bed rails seem like they would help kids fall asleep.

Darlene O

I am happy to see they fit a king size bed.


I would like this when our grandson is taking a nap at our house. He is 3 & doesn’t want to sleep in the porta crib anymore.

Janet W

I love this product because it’s so portable and it would keep my grandson safe in the bed and not roll off. We have to sometimes rearrange a room when traveling just so we have the bed pushed up against the wall for protection for him.

Stephanie P

I love that these bed rails are so portable and will slip under any bed for easy storage out of the way!

Lyn W

Love! I’ve had a toddler roll off the bed. Not a fun night.

Sara T

I love that you can deflate these for easier storage!

Mary R

I wish I had this product when I was little, I seemed to always fall out of bed. This product seems like it would keep kids safe in the bed.

Darlene C

I like that these bed rails can fit any sized bed.


I am a co-sleeper, especially when traveling. This is definitely a need when sharing an adult sized bed with a little one.

Angela W

I like the safety aspect and peace of mind that these bed rails offer.

Charlene S.

I like that these travel bed rails will help kids stay snug in bed and keep them from rolling over and falling out of bed.

Laurie N

These bed rails are so perfect for when you travel so the kids wont fall out the of bed. Really nice design.


This bed rail would be great even in the camper

Karen B

These bed rails would be good when my sister’s grandbaby comes to visit

Jeanette H

love these bed rails, helps keep the little ones safe by helping them not fall out of bed.

Michele P

Love these RV travel tips! I like that the travel bed rails are easily portable and don’t have BPA, lead or any of the nasty stuff in them as I like my grandchildren to be safe from chemicals and harmful ingredients if possible.

Elizabeth M

I absolutely love this for my son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter. They are military and travel a lot. This would be amazing for them with my granddaughter because in hotels she will wake up and get off the bed and start wondering around whereas at home, she has the rails and won’t go over them to get down.


This would be useful for my toddler so he doesn’t fall out of the bed.

Amy F

Our biggest travel difficulty is always sleeping arrangements. Our older daughter is 11 and doesn’t like to sleep on a couch so she needs a twin bed or a blow-up mattress, and our 3 year old is too kick-y to sleep with us, so she also needs her own bed. We’ve got two inflatable beds we travel with when we go.

Amy H

Honestly I’d love this bed rail even for home. Need to move the toddler to a twin bed soon and need it to be safe for him.


I love that these bed rails can be deflated for easy storage!

Janice C

I like that they are inflatable so they will pack up easily. Then, no matter where we are, we can have them with us!

Marty C

This is a brilliant idea! My 2 year old just recently moved into a “big kid” bed and we actually use my old Snoogle pregnancy pillow as an ad hoc bed barrier, but it’s too big and unwieldy to schlep around while traveling. This product is an inflatable Snoogle!

Dawn K

It’s so hard finding bedding for small ones when your are traveling. This looks like a big help.


Love that these bed rails can fit any bed and give you peace of mind

Robin A

I love that these bed rails are deflatable for easy storage. My grandson is always rolling off the bed, this would help a lot.

Hargow W

I like that it is compact and Includes compact foot pump and convenient carrying bag.

Angela W

I like that these bed rails are easily portable and streamlined to pack.


My toddler will not sleep in a port a crib anymore, so traveling with her has major sleep issues. These bed rails look helpful.

Kelly M

I never realized how hard it must be to travel with children until my sister had a little one! This would be very very useful for her!