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organicKidz Thermal Baby Bottles & Food Containers

organicKidz Thermal Baby Bottles & Food Containers

Why We Love Them

organicKidz Thermal Bottles keep liquids hot or cold for 6+ hours. The bottle lid also doubles as a measuring cup and snack cup. Each bottle features a silicone peristaltic fast flow nipple and includes a silicone leak proof sealing disk. organicKidz bottles can also convert to a suppy cup and a water bottle. organicKidz bottles feature durable stainless steel exteriors that help liquids retain their temperatures, reducing the need for re-heating or cooling using ice packs. Available in a variety of styles, organicKidz bottles are free of the toxins that plastics can contain and won’t break like glass bottles can.

organicKidz Thermal Food Containers are sleek, light weight and free of bulky plastic. They easily keep foods hot or cold for 6+ hours and are perfect for a child’s lunchbox or even Mom and Dad! The fun designs are modern and the tops close tightly with a leak proof silicone seal. organicKidz thermal containers make snack time easy on the go. They replace the need for ziplock bags and help reduce household trash. They are also easy for kids to open and the airtight feature keeps snacks fresh.

Judges’ Feedback

5 stars Eco-Friendly
5 stars Easy to Use
4 stars Design & Innovation

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