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Bert & Bratt Portable Sterilizer

Bert & Bratt Portable Sterilizer

Why We Love Them

Bert & Bratt’s UV Sterilizer effectively kills germs using a dual-action process. The oxygen in the air reacts with a range of wavelengths creating ozone to safely eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The sterilizer is used by simply pushing the button until the light flashes. When flashing has stopped, sterilization has occurred. It breaks down bacteria and exposes the DNA/RNA, quickly destroying the cell.

Bert & Bratt’s UV Sterilizer makes it easy to effectively disinfect small items while on the go. This sterilizer makes it easy to clean dropped pacifiers and bottle tops, and it’s super cute and fits in a diaper bag!

Judges’ Feedback

5 stars Eco-Friendly
4 stars Easy to Use
5 stars Design & Innovation

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