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Creative Uses for PVC Pipe

PVC Vases

Made of PVC, designed to look like plumbing pipes, the Pretty Vases Collection by FX Ballery is produced for French shop Domeau&Peres. The intent is to turn the useful into the beautiful.

Marshmallow Shooters

“Want a fun and inexpensive project to do with your kids (or for yourself if you’re still a child at heart)? Making a marshmallow shooter is easy. Materials generally cost less than $5. The main item you need is 1/2-inch PVC pipe. You can cut the PVC pipe yourself with a handsaw or pipe cutter (around $10) or take your measurements with you to your hardware or home improvement store. Many stores will cut the pipe to your specifications for free.”

1/2-inch PVC pipe cut into six 5-inch sections and one 8-inch section
2 elbow-bend connectors
2 T-shaped connectors

Take the 8-inch PVC piece and attach it to one of the two horizontal ends of a T-shaped connector. Put 5-inch pieces on the other two ends of the T-shaped connector. Put a cap on the end of one of these 5-inch pieces.

Now add another T-shaped connector to the uncapped 5-inch piece with the T part facing the opposite direction of the first (so it looks like an upside-down T).

Insert a 5-inch piece into the other two openings of the connector.

Add an elbow connector to both pieces of pipe you just put in. The elbow connector on the vertical pipe should be facing away from the 8-inch barrel piece. The elbow connector on the horizontal piece should face down.

Add the remaining two 5-inch pieces in the elbow connectors and put a cap on the vertical one.

Decorate your gun with permanent markers, stickers, tape or paint, if desired.

To shoot the gun, put a marshmallow in the uncapped opening at the top of the gun (the barrel is the 8-inch piece), take a deep breath and then blow. The marshmallow will shoot out of the barrel. You can load 2 to 6 marshmallows at a time for a shot that spreads.

Before you start assembling your shooter, any markings on the PVC pipe can be easily erased by a quick run through a dishwasher. Your marshmallow shooter can be put together different ways to create a variety of guns. Pick up your ammo when you’re finished (marshmallows are bad for animals). If you’re making lots of marshmallow shooters, get several bags of mini marshmallows for a fun fight — maybe even some colored ones for a party. Goggles or glasses are a good idea.

PVC TeePee

PVC Imaginative Kids Fort

PVC Sprinkler

PCV Kid’s Art Table


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