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Perfect Fall Desserts & Treats

Perfect Fall Desserts & Treats

Fall gatherings always inspire treats and yummy drinks. Here are some of our favorite delicious treats that pair perfectly with coffee or hot apple cider. 

Amazing DIY Dark Chocolate Truffles - Mommy Scene

Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are one of my go-to homemade treats. They are very easy to make and dip in melted chocolate. You can find our easy instructions here. You can make an assortment of homemade dark chocolate truffles by mixing in orange extract, vanilla or mint extract, grand marnier, and kahlua into the truffle centers. Decorate your homemade truffles with sprinkles or coco powder for a beautiful finished look.  

Amazingly easy DIY Dark Chocolate Truffles - Mommy Scene

Ice Cream Affogato Style  Espresso Sundae

Dress up a regular bowl of ice cream by pouring a shot of espresso over it and topping it with whipped cream! This is perfect treat after you get the kids in bed, with a bit of caffeine to get you through your evening projects. My husband wasted no time eating half of mine; I also topped it with a chopped up homemade dark chocolate truffle, his favorite! In my opinion, coffee makes everything better, even ice cream!

Ice Cream Affogato Style  Espresso Sundae - Mommy Scene

Ice Cream Affogato Style  Espresso Sundae - Mommy Scene

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Drizzle

This pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing! I love making creative pumpkin desserts in the fall and I will definitely have to make this soon! The caramel drizzle is a delicious finishing touch. Find this full recipe at

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Drizzle

DIY Poison Apples

My kids would love making and eating homemade poison apples.

DIY Poison Apples


Chocolate Bowls with Fresh Fruit

DIY chocolate bowls and fruit cups

Baked Stuffed Apples with Lattice Crust



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