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5 Simple Kids’ Routine Ideas

5 Simple Kids’ Routine Ideas

Transitioning from caring for a baby to engaging with young kids can be a hard change. I’m a stay-at-home mom with three kids under the age of 5 and I often struggle to come up with ideas about how to entertain my kids and teach them new things. I’ve found simple routines are helpful to schedule your day so kids know what to expect when they wake up. Just like babies have a feeding and napping schedule, kids benefit from routines for eating, playing, learning how to sit still, practicing following directions, and growing their attention spans. I’m excited to share my family routine tips that help create happier days.

1. Flexible Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule is broken into 6 sections:
Structured Play
Quiet Time
Free Play

Our daily family routine is very flexible so we can still run to the store after Quiet Time or visit a friend after breakfast. On days that are free of commitments, I try to implement our simple schedule for kids!

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Simple Kids Routine Ideas Playing with Play Dough - Mommy Scene

Morning Structured Play: This could be any activity that I do with the kids. We love playing with homemade play dough, making colorful glitter slime, and practicing the alphabet. We have reading time together so the kids can practice sitting quietly and my girls love to color and make simple paper crafts. The important element to Structured Play is that I control which activities we do and the kids practice following directions, sharing, and having cheerful attitudes.

Family reading time and I See Me books - Mommy Scene

2. Regular Meal Times

It’s helpful if your kids know when lunch is going to be so they aren’t constantly asking for snacks. When we do have snacks the kids often enjoy Veggie Straws or fresh fruit and I try to give my kids a variety of healthy foods for lunch. Eating dinner together as a family is also a special part of the day.

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Re-Play kids' lunch plate - Mommy Scene

3. Quiet Time After Lunch

Kids often need some down time to nap or play quietly. My babies nap after lunch and my preschooler plays quietly on her bed or reads a book. She often falls asleep as well. Quiet Time is important for kids to rest and for mom to have a segment of time to herself during the day.

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Simple Kids routine after nap quiet time - Coco & Kiwi tassel throw

4. Segmented Free Play

After quiet time the kids can play in the backyard, watch a show, or sometimes we run errands or play with friends. This part of the day is very flexible and goes a lot more smoothly if the kids haven’t been doing whatever they wanted all day long. I’ve found kids with no structure easily get very bored by the afternoon.

Play dates with friends - Mommy Scene

5. Planned Play Dates

My kids love being social so we try to have a play date at least every other week. We also go to parks to see friends. Play dates don’t have to be painful or awkward with moms you hardly know. My kids generally hang out with my own friends’ kids, not the other way around. It’s also helpful to have extended family in town; cousins who are close in age often become natural friends. Play dates are also a great way to get to know another mom who you don’t know as well but want to!

Mommy life can be simpler if you just create a daily schedule for your family. What is your best family routine tip?

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42 Comments on "5 Simple Kids’ Routine Ideas"


I really like this! This feels like a doable schedule! I also want to start implementing the structured play time with my one year old- I do feel that he is starting to need to new activities to get into!

Jessica N

For meals, I let my daughter help make our food, she s much more likely to eat it if she helps and gets to pick it out.


We absolutely have to have Quiet Time! No matter the age of the child, (mine are 2, 4, 6 and 3 wks) a nap or Quiet Time every day is essential for everyone’s sanity! Books are our go-to for the older two while the younger two nap.


Routine is so helpful! My kids are (typically) happier and know what to expect. We especially love our evening singing to God time. 🙂

Emely Roman

Having a schedule is always healthy I believe. It fosters discipline


I don’t have kids (yet), but I’m bookmarking this post for when I do!


I don’t have kids, but this sounds like a really good idea.

Nik G.

Great post! I wish I’d read this my kids were younger. Keeping kids engaged is harder than people think!

Amber Pittman

Such a simple yet effective schedule! And your kids are just too stinking cute! 🙂


You have such beautiful kids. I do not have any kids but I know this scheduled is something easy to follow. You go super mom.

Elizabeth O

Great post!! And the kids was so cute!!

Victoria Stacey

I don’t have kids, but this sounds like a great routine for them! If I did – it sounds like something structured, yet with some freedom that would do them well!

hey sharonoox

Great tips and giveaway! The blanket is really pretty. I like the design.

elenita dominguez abad

wow amzing for my 2 niece…

Meredith Klobucnik

I think having a designated snack time 2x a day helps keep my little ones happy and then they are hungry when it comes to mealtime.

Tiffany Yong

Meh, I’m not from US, so I can’t join the giveaway. But love how photogenic and happy your girl is! Can’t wait to see her grow up!


Make lunches and snacks for the week on Monday. Then just label them for each day!

Deborah W.

Our best family routine is sticking to the routine, ha. Go to bed around same time, rise at same time, eat meals and bathe at around same times, etc. People think routines are boring but they keep us sane.

Rut McIver

Everyone has a role in clean up; from trash to dishes and putting things away.

Erin CM

All good ideas. I also implement quiet time before bed. We all need to settle down and get ready for bedtime routine

Sharon Clark

I love the tassel balls on the blankets


Such sweet pics of your kiddos! I agree that a routine makes the day run so smoothly, even if it is just a loose structure. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to try to wake up at the same time every day. Now that my kids are older they try to sleep in and if I let that happen we have trouble later in the day!

Rana Durham

my tip for family is to listen to one another.

Amanda Alvarado

My best tip would be to keep with the routine and try not to stray too far from it – it wreaks havoc when you do!

Allyson F

Great tips! My kids are 5 and we still go over our weekly and daily schedules 🙂


Keep a routine but be flexible enough to alter it as the child grows. Discipline is a must.


As we move into the no-nap zone of life, I am beginning to see a little more value in structure and routines. Thanks for sharing your day. I definitely took some inspiration and might consider adding little more of a routine to my laid back parenting style


Simple but important tips! Mompreneurs on our free career networking platform for career women often suffer from managing work and little kids. This would be a great share!

Kelly M.

In order to keep any kind of routine, we have to stick to bedtime like it’s our JOB- for both parents’ and kids’ sake


Fantastic article!

Jodi Hunter

NAP TIME, it helps us all!

Kaleigh Bulone

Great post! I don’t have children, but I still like reading these.. I feel like I’m just preparing myself haha!!

Angela Escobar

I love your idea for quiet time! My toddler does not like nap time anymore!

Valerie Colip

I absolutely love these ideas!

Ashley Perez

Flexibility and having a routine always helps. 🙂

Veronica Bohan

What great ideas

Liz Ticona

I absolutely love the Coco & Kiwi items. Their attention to detail is amazing and all their items turn out to be so amazin. I once bought a keychain that I ended up dropping and breaking within 2 days of getting & they were so kind to replace it for free! 🙂 Love them!!!

Lexy Overstreet Broome
Lexy Overstreet Broome

My favorite part of getting ready for baby is getting new clothes, cloth diapers and all the goodies together for baby!

S Russell

Wow! Great ideas!

Deborah W.

Routines are the reason I kept my sanity when raising my children. Your routine schedule sounds great!

Rachel Browning

Yes this is very helpful my kids are off track and need to get things back together