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5 Creative Ways to Use Apples

5 Creative Ways to Use Apples

Are you ready for the holidays? I love holiday shopping and holiday baking. Apples are pretty much a fall baking essential and can even be used for decorating or whipping up delicious snacks! Here are some of my favorite apple-inspired ideas, treats and projects for fall.

Bake Mini Apple Pies

Apple pie is delicious especially in adorable mini form! These personal apple pies are just as easy to make as a standard pie — just more bite-sized and perfect for holiday dinner guests! Simply whip up a batch of pie crust dough, mix together apple pie filling and make your mini apple pies in a muffin tin.

Baked mini apple pies - Mommy Scene

Decorate with Apple Candles

Apple candles are a fun way to personalize your buffet table and add some simple fall decorations around your home. Cut a circle in the top of the apple, scoop out a round section of the apple and insert a tea light. Simple and gorgeous!

How to Make DIY Apple Candles Easy Fall Decor - Mommy Scene

Make Homemade Apple Cider

Making homemade pressed apple cider is a fun family activity for a fall afternoon. If you have apple trees in your yard, apple cider is an easy way to fully enjoy your whole harvest of apples. We found an old cider press secondhand. Kids will enjoy making homemade apple cider with mom and dad’s help.

Homemade Pressed Apple Cider Family Activity - Mommy Scene

Make Hand-Dipped Sugar Coated Apples

Candy coated apples are a fun treat for kids and a festive addition to a fall party. I’ll be sharing a full tutorial soon on how to make these sweet treats!

Homemade candy coated apples - Mommy Scene

Snack on Baked Apple Roses

Tasty and gorgeous baked apple roses are easy to make by rolling up apple slices and baking them in the oven! Aren’t they pretty? You can use apple roses to decorate fall deserts or just enjoy them as a fun fall-inspired snack.

Homemade Apple Roses for dessert decorations or snacks - Mommy Scene

Which are your favorite ways to use apples? I’d love to hear your ideas shared in the comments!

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Katie has been married for 9 years, has 3 young children, and loves creative projects, photography, decorating, and encouraging others to pursue their ideas. She loves the Lord and feels blessed to be a stay-at-home mom with opportunities to enjoy creative outlets from home.

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15 Comments on "5 Creative Ways to Use Apples"

Ana vukosavljevic

I love all of these options! I think the third one is my favorite one. Everything looks so tasty, i’m hungry now 😀 Apples always reminds me on Christmas!


Mini apple pies? SIGN ME UP!
that first picture you posted looked absolutely mouth-watering! And the apple roses were just too cute to be eaten 🙂

Brigette Collins

I love apples! I have been trying to perfect my apple chips but they always seem to flop! The ones from Aldi are amazing!


Love the idea of using apples as candles!

AnnMarie John

Those are all wonderful ideas! I just love having apples around especially during this time of year. The mini pies are perfect for dinner parties.


Awesome uses for apples that I have never seen before! I love the apple candle holders but the mini apple pies.. mmm! Why had I never thought of this? And those apple roses.. thats a skill, they are beautiful!


Can’t wait for your tutorial on sugar coated apples. They would make any table look great. Plus, they are delicious treats!


That cider press is way cool! I’m in Texas and there aren’t any orchards even remotely close. I’ve always wanted to have homemade cider though!

Courtney Blacher

I love your unique ideas

Elizabeth O

Wow!! I really like the idea of using apple as candles.


What great ideas. The candles look so cute and the apple pies look so delicious. Love this post, I am definitely going to try few of these.

Tanvi Rastogi

Love the ideas. I love desserts with apples so I love this post.


Shubhada Bhide

These are a brilliant and very creative way to use Apple. I would love to try the Apple pies look so yummy, My kids would really love this.

Nik G.

Those mini apple pies look amazing! I’m sure my kids would prefer the candy apples instead. haha


I need to make these mini apple pies