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Paper Dragon Puppets & Dragon Chow Snack

Paper Dragon Puppets & Dragon Chow Snack

What did you think about the Disney Pete’s Dragon live action remake? If you remember the childhood classic as well as I do, then you were probably excited to introduce your kids to this modern update of an old favorite kids’ movie! Pete’s Dragon is about a boy who finds a dragon who quickly becomes a friend, and all the adventures that ensue! To celebrate this classic Disney movie release, we’ve put together some kids’ coloring pages, fun dragon paper puppet activity, and even a dragon-themed snack!

Cute Dragon Paper Puppets Kids’ Activity

Make dragon paper puppets by printing these cute dragon characters onto cardstock. Color and decorate each dragon with stickers and glitter. Tape your paper dragon characters onto a pencil or popsicle stick. My preschoolers loved this activity and quickly put on a dragon puppet show afterwards! Paper dragon puppets are so much fun because you can customize them any way you want, and small children (like my 2-year-old) can easily accomplish this project by themselves!

Right click this dragon puppet template and select “save image as”.

Cute Dragon Paper Puppets Kids' Activity paper template

Cute dragon paper puppet craft activity for kids - Mommy Scene

Yummy Dragon Chow Kids’ Snack

Mix up some dragon chow to enjoy while watching Pete’s Dragon. For our kid-friendly dragon chow snack, I mixed cheese crackers, veggie straws, popcorn, marshmallows, and fruit snacks to make a unique trail-mix type snack. The kids loved our dragon-inspired preschool snack!

What better way to celebrate the new Disney Pete’s Dragon movie release than with cute dragon paper puppets, a yummy kids’ snack like dragon chow, and fun Pete’s Dragon coloring pages! These dragon-inspired activities and snacks would also be perfect for a kids’ dragon-themed party! Rawr.

Pete's Dragon inspired dragon snack - Mommy Scene

Pete's Dragon inspired dragon chow snack for kids - Mommy Scene

Pete’s Dragon Coloring Pages

Fill an empty afternoon or rainy day by coloring Pete’s Dragon coloring pages! These dragon coloring pages provided by Disney are beautifully detailed and sure to inspire kids’ imaginations. We hope you enjoyed the new live action Pete’s Dragon movie, fun kids’ dragon coloring pages, and our yummy dragon kids’ snack!

Right click any of these dragon coloring pages and select “save image as”.

Pete's Dragon coloring page for kids - Mommy Scene Kids' Pete's Dragon coloring pages - Mommy Scene Pete's Dragon Disney coloring page for kids - Mommy Scene Pete's Dragon movie coloring page for kids - Mommy Scene
New Disney Pete's Dragon coloring page for kids - Mommy Scene

Pete’s Dragon Movie Trailer

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