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Fun Kids’ Crafts for Little Mommies

Fun Kids’ Crafts for Little Mommies

My little girls have always loved to play mommy. Girls watch their own mommy and often can’t wait to have their own babies and take care of them. Playing mommy is a sweet interest to nurture, especially by encouraging little girls to help take care of their little brothers and baby siblings. My girls also love to do crafts so this week we made some little mommy crafts so my daughters could take care of their baby dolls. Check out how we made an adorable baby bed from a cardboard box and easy no-sew baby doll bibs!

How to make a homemade baby doll bed from a cardboard box - Mommy Scene

DIY baby beds are super easy to make; all you need is a box, some paper, spray adhesive or glue, and stickers or paper shapes to decorate with! I covered a cardboard box with colorful patterned paper and let the girls glue on hearts and stickers. We could have gotten a lot more detailed but my girls are 2 and 4 years old and I like to allow them to make a craft project on their own. My girls will get more creative as they practice making their ideas and get older.

DIY baby doll bed and bib - Mommy Scene

My 2-year-old daughter helped pick out colorful paper to make hearts for her box. I cut out the hearts and she helped glue them on. She loves being involved but also wants things to look pretty, which is a bit hard at her age, so she loves helping me make her crafts. When my toddler daughter is feeling particularly “do it yourself” she actually does a really great job, like when she was painting these DIY wood snowflakes. I lined these DIY doll beds with a simple piece of cotton batting, or you could use a baby blanket.

La Newborn realistic baby doll - Mommy Scene

My little girl is in the middle of our family but she’s not one to be left behind! She loves helping to take care of baby brother and also has no trouble keeping up with her big sister. Having kids fairly close together makes for such a sweet family dynamic. My daughter loves her realistic baby doll from La Newborn, which inspired our DIY kids’ craft projects. These dolls are so detailed and look and feel just like real newborn babies. My daughter gets lots of practice feeding and changing her baby, as well as putting her to sleep in our homemade baby doll beds. The facial features on this La Newborn baby doll are amazing, taking playing with dolls to an entirely new level. La Newborn is such a perfect first doll for a little girl!

La Newborn first baby doll for little girls - Mommy Scene

La Newborn first realistic baby doll for little girls - Mommy Scene

Realistic La Newborn baby doll for little girls - Mommy Scene review

We also made some easy no-sew baby doll bibs. You can easily make a DIY baby doll bib by cutting a slit in a washcloth and pulling it over the baby doll’s head. These DIY bibs are easy for little girls to put on a baby doll and take off by themselves and you can make them using baby washcloths that you no longer use. Super cute!

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How to make a DIY baby doll bib from a wash cloth - Mommy Scene

I never get tired of hearing my little girls ideas and hearing them think up make-believe games. I didn’t have a sister myself and I love watching my girls’ sister dynamic as they grow and experience life together. To inspire kindness, we tell them they are the only sister each other has, and sisters are the best kind of friends. I really hope they grow up appreciating each other, sharing, and supporting each other throughout a lovely friendship.

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Little girl in the snow wearing a Matilda Jane dress - Mommy Scene

Other Little Mommy Activities & Games

Baby’s first doctor appointment – My girls love playing doctor, especially when they get to be the mommy and bring their doll to the doctor. It’s equally fun to trade off being the mommy and the doctor!

Baby food taste test – Kids love pretending, even if it’s just playing baby. My girls love to be the baby and “taste” baby food. For this baby-themed activity I just put yogurt, applesauce, ranch, pudding, smoothie, cottage cheese, sour cream, and any other pureed foods/sauces into a mini muffin tin and let them “taste” and identify their baby food. This baby food taste test game may sound silly but it’s so much fun! Taste tests are also a fun way to teach kids about the sense of taste and learn which foods are salty, sweet, sour, or spicy.

Make family puppets – It’s really fun to make paper character puppets, complete with mom, dad, toddler, and baby and put on a puppet show! See how we made paper character puppets!

12 Days of Awaiting Baby DIY Paper Family Puppets - Mommy Scene

Realistic La Newborn baby doll review for little girls - Mommy Scene review

What activities does your “little mommy” enjoy doing? I think it’s special to encourage little girls’ love for babies, even if it’s just helping me gather the wipes and baby power so I can change little brother’s diaper. Of course, if I end up having another baby, I will have no lack of help around this house!

Little mommy meeting baby sister - Mommy Scene

– Meeting baby sister –

Little mommy girls with baby brother - Mommy Scene

– My girls and baby brother –

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Make a homemade baby doll bed from a cardboard box - Mommy Scene

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15 Comments on "Fun Kids’ Crafts for Little Mommies"

Elizabeth Brico
Elizabeth Brico

These are so cute! My girls love baby dolls too, they actually have a collection of them, so we might try some of these, thank you!

Katie Weber
Katie Weber

My girls would love this!

Melissa A
Melissa A

I don’t know why I never thought of making a baby bed. My niece just got a little baby she named Jacob. We have to take him everywhere and she insists he sleeps with her daddy because there is no room left in her bed. LOL!


Those are so cute! We actually had wrapped one of my empty boxes from my online shopping with a gift wrapper for my daughter’s baby’s crib. She loved it!

Mommy Scene

That’s a great idea! Kids love simple toys, especially when they can help create them.


What a realistic doll and fantastic ideas for little mommies!

Mommy Scene

Thank you! We have a lot of fun around here.

Angela F
Angela F

My Sadie would love making the bed and bib for her babies. She’s the little mother of my triplets! Maybe we’ll try this out. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth V

I love the baby bed. Great idea. I still have my own La Baby from my childhood. They are my favorite dolls. So lifelike and beautiful.


Such a great idea that i will have to try for great niece

Maryann D
Maryann D

This is such a cute idea to make a doll bed! My daughter would have loved that when she was younger. These are wonderful photos too!

Olga P

Such a nice idea! Great arts and crafts projects to do with kids. Thank you for sharing!


Cute pics and great idea! This is a great project that will keep kids busy and entertained for a long time!

Terri S
Terri S

I remember making baby beds using shoe boxes decorated with colorful wrapping paper for my daughter’s very small dolls. Now my daughter is doing the same with her 2 daughters and they love playing Mommy with their baby dolls. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed playing with paper dolls and their various paper outfits. I did this with my daughter and recently she found paper dolls for her girls.

Diana Villa

You are so talented with crafts! I so want to make this for my little girl and her doll babies ^_^