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Get Creative with Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

Get Creative with Eco-Friendly Art Supplies

I love inspiring my kids with messy art projects and crafty activities. My kids regularly ask to do craft projects and I’ve learned some tricks to minimize the mess. I’ve also found some great kid-friendly art supplies that are easy to set up and put away. I keep play dough on hand, create sensory bins that can be quickly stowed away and collect an assortment of kids’ art supplies. These eco-friendly art supplies are fun and they’re made with ingredients derived from the earth!

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My kids love to try out new art supplies. A new set of crayons or fresh set of paint inspires lots of colorful possibilities. I try to choose art supplies that are kid-friendly and easy to clean up. We recently tried out a collection of eco-kids art supplies which included an eco-friendly collection of crayons, finger paint and play dough.

Eco-Kids Art Supplies

My kids really enjoyed using the pastel natural eco-paint made from organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts. Finger paint is a great sensory activity because kids can create using their fingers or a paintbrush. We used this eco-friendly finger paint outside on the sidewalk to minimize clean up. eco-kids makes their paint using all-natural ingredients such as annatto seed, blue shade vegetable, curcumin, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, rice flour and earth clay.

This eco-paint comes in powder form which kids can help mix with water. Once prepared, it glides across the paper or on the sidewalk and leaves a chalky color behind. The 5 color packets of powered finger paint makes 60+ ounces of paint. We used a portion of the packets for one painting activity.

Kids can practice their sculpting skills with eco-friendly play dough! First introduced at the Hollywood Farmers Market in 2008, this exploratory molding dough is made with non GMO flour, salt, cream of tartar, soy oil, organic rosemary oil, Vitamin E oil, water, citric acid and potassium sorbat. It’s colored with FDA- approved soy-based organic and inorganic pigments.

eco-kids natural play dough comes in 5 colors which kids can mix and mold to design unique creations.

We also had fun trying out colorful triangle eco-soy pas. Kids can use these chunky pigments for color blending, shading and stippling. My young kids can create colorful shapes on the page and learn how using different pressure on the page creates different pigment strokes.

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If your kids love art, these are great eco-friendly art supplies to practice with. I plan to include art class within our homeschool routine and encourage my kids to develop their artistic interests and skills. Which eco-friendly art activity would be your family’s favorite?

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AnnaElizabeth OAmandaaditiChloe Recent comment authors

my nieces would love these supplies. Thanks for this write-up, going to be helpful when I see them next.

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

Having eco friendly art supplies is such a great idea! It’s hard to even imagine there would be chemicals in a kids product in the first place.


I love this! You wouldn’t normally think of harsh chemicals or anything in kid’s art supplies, but the fact that a company is shedding light on it and showing that you can still have great products for kids is awesome!


Love the eco-friendly nature of these products. Its great that you are teaching the kids do be environmentally responsible in a fun way!


Woah! I would love to use these ideas in my classroom! Schools have a tendency to throw away a lot of stuff. We don’t have time to find solutions to all the old stuff.

Deb B.

Eco friendly art for kids? BRILLIANT!! I often question the safety and potential toxicity of the craft supplies that my kiddo plays with. I think she would absolutely go bonkers for the pastel natural eco-paint, but I would love to get my hands on the eco-kids natural play dough. They all look like they would be perfect for play and smell great too! Bonus!

Cia Black

These are a great alternative to what is sold mass market. If we didn’t make our own I would so consider these products.

The Social Nubian

First, your children are adorable. It is very hard to keep it busy and active with new interesting ideas, especially when summer start and school is out. Thank you for sharing. Items will be in my cart by the weekend.


Awesome art supplies! It’s not only cool and easy to use but also makes an adult enjoy the game. Fantastic set

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose

Wow, that looks like a good stuff for my kids and I am sure my daughter will love to have and play with these.