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Cute Food Shapes & Lunch Ideas for Kids

Cute Food Shapes & Lunch Ideas for Kids

Kids thrive from a regular routine and at our house the routine includes creative activities, snack time, independent play, lunch, and quiet time so the kids have a chance to rest. It’s easy to make snack time fun and healthy with a little creativity. It can be tempting to feed your kids crackers and fruit snacks every day and my kids often enjoy those as well, but I’ve also been encouraged to assist my kids’ immunities with healthier treats, natural sugars, and snacks that are free of high fructose corn syrup. I’ve also started giving my kids a probiotic supplement to help their little growing bodies stay healthy and strong. These easy snack ideas are simple to implement and make snack time creative and fun!

Encourage your kids to love fruit

Kids love to eat food that looks fun. These strawberry roses are super easy to make and my girls love eating strawberry roses for snack time! Strawberries are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium and are a good source of Folate, Potassium, and Vitamin C. To make strawberry roses, cut slices around a strawberry and bend each petal down using your knife. These cute fruit treats will delight your kids and friends every time!

Re-Play lunch time supplies and cute strawberry rose snack idea - Mommy Scene

The thinner you cut the strawberry slices, the more detailed your strawberry roses will be. Cut down to just above the strawberry base so the rose petals remain intact.

Strawberry rose kids' snack idea - Mommy Scene

Cute strawberry rose snack idea for kids - Mommy Scene

How cute are these darling kids’ mealtime sets from Re-Play? Best of all, these colorful divided kids’ plates and utensils are made from recycled, FDA approved, food safe plastic. I love Re-Play’s variety of colorful plates, spoons, forks, cups, snack cups, and more! My girls love purple and blue and they are thrilled to have snack time ware that matches their favorite colors. Re-play products are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and the solid colors hold up well to regular use. The forks and spoons are sized perfectly for babies, toddlers, and bigger kids too!

Re-Play lunch time supplies and cute snack ideas for kids - Mommy Scene

I also regularly make orange hearts for my girls. These are easy to create by cutting one end off an orange slice and arranging the pieces to make a heart. Super easy and creative to encourage kids to love fruit! Who wouldn’t love to eat his adorable snack?

Cuties orange hearts kids snack idea - Mommy Scene

Re-Play lunch time supplies, orange hearts and strawberry roses for kids - Mommy Scene

Re-Play lunch time supplies, plates and cups - Mommy Scene

I love Re-Play’s lunch sets for kids that include a divided plate, fork and spoon, and spill resistant sippy cup.

See the full Re-Play kids’ tableware collection at re-play.com.

Re-Pay kids’ tableware features

  • Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs! BPA & BPS-free. FDA approved.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Spoon has a deep scoop for children learning to use utensils.
  • Fork has durable, rounded tips for your child’s safety.
  • Drinking cups are sized just right for kids and stackable for easy storage.
  • No-spill tops have a one piece, easy clean silicone valve keeps your child’s travels leak-free.
  • Divided plate has deep walls that are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves, making scooping easier. 3 sections encourage parents to offer healthy options at mealtime.

Re-Play lunch time supplies for kids - Mommy Scene review

My girls love having tea time after naps, which usually involves sipping juice out of mommy’s “fancy cups.” The other day we had some little friends over for tea time and the kids had so much fun enjoying their juice and yummy treats. Fun tea cups are easy to find secondhand at a thrift store and they are easily replaceable if your kids happen to break one. I love my little clear fruit embellished tea cups that coordinate perfectly with any tea party.

Cute snack ideas and Re-Play lunch time supplies - Mommy Scene

Jazz up any lunch with a cute lunch punch to make fun shaped sandwiches. These oversized cookie cutters transform any sandwich into a cute shape with a stamped design on top. The cupcake lunch punch cuts out a cherry and top of the cupcake, and the cake lunch punch creates a 3 layered cake design. To use, simply press the lunch punch down on the top of your sandwich to create a fun crust-free shape.

Cute lunch time ideas and Re-Play review - Mommy Scene

Furniture for small places on a budget. Go back to school with the best gear at low prices all season long.

Re-Play recycled lunchtime gear for kids - Mommy Scene

How do you make snack time fun for your kids? I sometimes struggle to make our daily routine fun and engaging for the kids, but a few scheduled activities during the day definitely helps. My kids are happier when they know what to expect when they wake up. Engaging play, snacks, and basic preschool easily transforms an open morning into a busy, interactive day that inspires my kids to learn new skills, share, have a happy heart, and appreciate our family life. ♥

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Darcy Koch
Darcy Koch

I think by making the food look interesting in different shapes, etc. will entice your child to eat more. And the addition of brightly colored plates, bowls, and cups is surely going to help.


Aww, the strawberry roses as super cute

Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt

these are so cute! I should try making them but they probably wont look as good as yours


Those plates look awesome. I’m not sure my boys would appreciate the fancy food though 🙂 Great job, I wish I had the patience to do that!


That cupcake sandwich looks so good… I want one now!


What a fancy strawberry! Love these ideas and I love those plates!


HOW CUTE IS THIS!? can you make my snack plate please?! luckily my kids are vacuums and will eat anything i put in front of them. once they begin getting picky, i’m getting sandwich cutters like you suggested!

Elizabeth Brico
Elizabeth Brico

Oh these are super cute! I made strawberry roses like that for cupcake toppers for my daughter’s birthday, but never tried it just for regular eating. Good idea!