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5 Summer Activities for Kids

5 Summer Activities for Kids

The coming of summer means kids are out of school, the weather is hot, and families want to go on vacation. But what do you do with all the extra time at home during your regularly daily routine? Here are some budget friendly ideas that kids will love too!

Play Backyard Scrabble

Make a gigantic scrabble game with pieces of construction paper. This sounds like such a fun way to teach kids how to spell and the size of the game gives it an “Alice in Wonderland” feel. The whole family will have a blast playing this educational lawn game and you’ll be able to re-use the tiles to play all summer long!

Summer Kids Activities - Backyard Scrabble Game Photo Credit: Constantly Love Struck

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

Make this liquid sidewalk chalk paint with stuff you probably have around the house. Kids will have hours of fun, although they may have to be hosed-down before coming back into the house!


  • Mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of cornstarch.
  • Pour it into muffin tins or small cups.
  • Add food coloring to make the colors you would like.
  • Stir and enjoy!

Summer Kids' Activities - DIY Liquid Sidewalk Chalk Photo Credit: Domestic Charm

Make a Backyard Fort

Design your own back yard fort with a folding table and blanket. Simply drape the blanket (or several) over the table to completely enclose the space or leave one side open. The fort “floor” can be accessorized with more blankets and pillows for backyard lounging. A backyard fort is perfect for reading books, watching a movie on a tablet, or enjoying a backyard picnic lunch!

Summer Kids' Activities - Backyard Fort for Kids EZ Fort even makes kits to take fort building a step further!

Set Up a Game of Hula Hoop Croquet

This game will help little ones master their motor skills, encourage exercise, and create a fun memory! Design your own Hula Hoop Croquet course with items you can find at the dollar store.

Materials Needed

  • Hula hoops cut in half
  • Several balls of the same size
  • A bundle of short sticks

Cut the hoops in half, insert one end of a sick into each hoop end, and push the stick into the ground on both ends to create an arch with each hoop. You can take your game design a step further by painting the balls to look like real croquet balls. A full tutorial with instructions and design ideas is available from The Crafting Chicks.

Summer Kids' Activities - Hula Hoop Croquet Photo Credit: The Crafting Chicks

Make a Portable Sandbox

Create a sandbox out of an ordinary under-the-bed box. Fill the box with sand and a few toys and voila! You’ll have a portable sandbox with a lid. This project is a perfect for small spaces and temporary usage. Plus it’s easy to replace the sand or even add different colors!

Create Colored Sand

  • Place sand in a bowl for each color you want to make.
  • Add water to each bowl until the sand is submerged.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl.
  • Allow the mixture to sit for at least one hour to absorb the color.
  • Pour out the water and spread the sand on a flat surface to dry.

Summer Kids' Activities - Make a Portable Sandbox Photo Credit: Smiling While Saving

What are your favorite summer kids’ activities? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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5 Comments on "5 Summer Activities for Kids"


My kids love running in the sprinklers, playing with sand, and doing anything outside really!


Great ideas for keeping kids entertained outside. If fun doubles as exercise too, it’s a win!


These ideas are so much fun! Thank you, very nice post.


Hi, Neat post. Kids would love building a backyard fort.

Renee M
Renee M

Love the liquid sidewalk chalk idea! I’ll have to do that with my daughter this week!