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DIY Princess Tower from Recycled Containers

DIY Princess Tower from Recycled Containers

We have two girls and our home is pretty saturated with princess dolls, princess clothes and blankets, and even princess cereal. The other day my daughter wanted to make a tower for her magiclip Rapunzel doll, which we easily did with two old food cartons, some paper, and some accents! She’s played with her DIY Princess Tower more in the last few weeks than any other toy! Learn how to make this budget-friendly doll house in our full tutorial below.

This beautiful little Rapunzel-inspired tower was easy to make with an old lemonade can and oatmeal box! We had lots of fun decorating the tower with sparkly rhinestones and flower accents too!

DIY Princess Rapunzel Tower craft - Mommy Scene

To make your own princess tower, stack two empty cylinder containers and hot glue them together. You could make your tower as tall as you want by adding extra recycled cylinder containers.

DIY Princess Tower using recycled containers - Mommy Scene

Print off a rock texture onto printer paper. I started off with white but that looked a little stark, so I found some light blue construction paper. You can download the rock texture that we used here. Paper rock texture will make your homemade princess tower craft look very realistic!

Download the Rock Texture (pdf) »

Make your own Princess Tower craft - Mommy Scene

Next, I used the top from one of the cardboard containers to make a floor in the tower about 8 inches down from the top. I hot glued the floor into the middle of the tower.

Easy Princess Tower craft - Mommy Scene

Once the floor was in, we cut a window in the side right above where the floor begins.

Recycled Rapunzel Princess Tower with window - Mommy Scene

Next I glued on the paper rock texture, overlapping several paper sheets as seamlessly as I could. I also cut out the window in the rock texture.

Make your own Disney Princess tower - Mommy Scene

We added a round piece of paper inside the princess tower to make a colored floor. You can glue the second top from the cylinder containers to the top of the tower to make a roof, or leave the top open if your child wants to put dolls inside from the top.

DIY Princess Tower craft for dolls - Mommy Scene

Next comes the fun part! We decorated our tower with lots of trim that looks like vines and flowers, with added flower accents and sparkly rhinestones. This homemade princess tower craft is a great way to use mismatched jewels and flowers left over from other craft projects.

Sparkly jewels, rhinestones and flowers to decorate your DIY Princess Tower - Mommy Scene

Glue the accents onto the tower. I prefer using hot glue because it dries almost instantly, but my daughter had to be careful to not touch the glue when she was sticking the jewels and flowers on.

Decorate your Princess Tower kids craft - Mommy Scene

I also added colorful printed scrapbook paper inside the tower for pretty wall paper. A Rapunzel sticker in a tiny paper frame serves as a cute portrait on the wall. You could decorate the inside of your princess tower however you want!

Cute homemade doll princess tower - Mommy Scene

The sparkly jewel and ribbon accents are my favorite part of our DIY Rapunzel-inspired tower. No one would ever guess this is made from a recycled lemonade and oatmeal container!

DIY Rapulzel Princess Tower for dolls - Mommy Scene

My daughter has enjoyed hours of fun playing with her princess tower. Rapunzel looks pretty happy inside her beautiful tower. We even have some small furniture accents from other play sets that have found places inside the tower at various times. The glittery roof, made from a piece of heavy scrapbook paper glued into a cone shape, adds the crowning touch to our homemade princess tower!

Disney Princess Tower craft for girls - Mommy Scene

Do you enjoy doing crafts with your kids? My daughter wants to do crafts every day, so I have to find easy and economical ways to allow her to explore her creativity. I didn’t have to buy anything for this project thanks to my random stash of craft supplies. I love that we made this together and that my daughter is continually coming up with new creative ideas!

Trendy Flower Girl Dress

Speaking of princesses, this Trendy Flower Girl periwinkle dress from Just Unique Boutique is a dream! My daughter is the queen of dresses and she is in LOVE with the multi-panel ruffles, flowing material and wide sash. And rhinestones along the bodice?! Yes please! Everything is beautifully stitched and so gorgeous. The rhinestone trim is plastic but seems to be fairly durable. I would probably spot clean this dress to make it last a long time. The chiffon skirt flows delicately and the lovely satin bodice provides great coverage for little girls, so beautiful and elegant and even available in several colors! I know my daughter will wear this dress tons, both to fancy occassions and just to the park!

Just Unique Boutique girls' blue dress with ruffles and rhinestones - Mommy Scene

Princess dresses wouldn’t be complete without shoes. pediped offers a wide variety of kids shoes designed to support healthy foot development. My daughter is delighted with her glittery purple shoes that are perfect for wearing with a dress or playing soccer. These shoes are just as durable as sneakers with lots of glitzy detailing! pediped shoes offer both comfort and style and you can’t go wrong with so many cute and casual styles for babies, toddlers and big kids.

pediped Flex sparkle princess shoes - Mommy Scene

pediped’s Flex Gehrig Purple/Lily shoe comes in EU sizes 24-33. The microfiber suede and sparkle textile upper is lined with breathable mesh and has a flexible rubber sole. I especially love that these glittery purple pediped shoes are so versatile. My daughter can wear them with leggings and a sweater or under one of her gorgeous dresses. The sparkly material and sturdy construction of these pediped kids’ shoes allow her to be fashionable and her feet are well protected thanks to these high quality kids’ shoes. The velcro fasteners allow my 4-year-old daughter to put these fun kids’ shoes on by herself. I love the beautiful detailing and I’m always impressed by the durable stitching and well-made construction of each of the pediped shoes we’ve owned. My kids have outgrown their shoes before any of their pediped shoes begin to show much wear. Check out pediped’s huge selection of kids shoes for your own family!

I hope you enjoyed our fun princess inspired craft and fashion must-haves for little girls!

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This is beautiful! I’m trying it at home. Can you give me a pointer? How did you fit the top inside the container to make a floor? I’m having trouble squeezing mine in.

Mommy Scene

Hi! Good question. I cut a slit in my top so I could overlap the edges a bit and make the circle smaller. This picture kinda shows it. I’d love to see how yours turns out!

Cindy deRosier

I’m the Editor of Fun Family Crafts and wanted to let you know that we have featured your Rapunzel project! You can see it here:

If you have other kid-friendly craft tutorials, we’d love for you to submit them. Thanks for a great project idea!

Mommy Scene

Oh thank you! I’ll check out your site. We appreciate the feature.

Lisa Weeks
Lisa Weeks

Oh my goodness this is adorable 🙂 🙂 and definitely getting made in our home!

Terri S
Terri S

My 2 granddaughters (sisters) loved watching the movie Tangled and are big Rapunzel fans. Last Halloween the 5 yr old wore a Rapunzel costume. This tower is a great project to do with them when they visit. I know they’ll alternate with their other Disney characters in the tower. Thanks for sharing!


Aw! This is adorable! I want to make something like this for my son and his care bears!

Terri Irvin
Terri Irvin

Thanks for the terrific craft idea that I could can do with two of my older grandchildren.

Lindsey T
Lindsey T

That’s really a cute and creative project! Love it! I’m pregnant with a girl and would love to make her this someday.


How creative! My daughter would probably have Little Ponies living in hers, though, lol!