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How to Grow Flowers & Tame Curls in Winter

How to Grow Flowers & Tame Curls in Winter

Little girls come with lots of personality, interests and preferences, and heads of tangled hair. My little girls wake up every morning with huge teased bedhead hairdos, so my husband starts the morning routine with brushing out their locks. He’s so funny, one of the things he most looked forward to about having girls was doing their hair, and he faithfully brushes it out every morning while I’m changing the baby’s diaper and picking up clothes off the floor. I actually have hair envy of my oldest daughters hair. It’s perfectly wavy and blond; not too much so it gets tangled, but not stick straight like mine. My daughter’s hair holds curl beautifully. I was excited to try out some new hair products too; the collection of SoCozy curl hair products for little girls.

I received this awesome set for review, which was also used with Will Smith’s daughter for the Collateral Beauty red carpet premiere; more info below. I’m excited to tell you about these awesome hair products! Once the kids’ daily hair maintenance routine is out of the way, we move on to more fun things such as doing some preschool in the morning and the occasional weekly creative activity or project. Even though it’s winter, my daughter started growing her fairy garden flower set and she’s really excited to see if real fairies decide to visit it! Read all the way to the end so you don’t miss our cute photoshoot and fun fairy garden activity!

SoCozy Bounce curl hair products for little girls - Mommy Scene

The SoCozy Boing curl collection includes shampoo & conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and medium hold gel-cream.

The Boing Curl Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and build up while reinforcing and preserving curls’ natural moisture balance, reducing frizz and creating curls done right. This ultra-hydrating cleanser reduces breakage, improves elasticity, and won’t strip away moisture or natural oils. Follow with Boing Curl Conditioner to soften and moisturize even the driest, unruly curls. This ultra-hydrating formula is also helpful for detangling your child’s hair to prevent breakage and restore luster and shine. Hair is noticeably softer and healthier with each use. Both SoCozy shampoo and conditioner are infused with a sweet-creme fragrance made with creamy vanilla, orange blossoms, and honey.

Boing Curl Leave-in Conditioner repairs curls and infuses them with moisture to protect your locks especially during dry weather, while preventing frizz. It easily detangles and restores curls leaving them shiny, soft and smooth. It smells delightfully like sweet pea.

The Boing Curl Gel-Cream styler is probably my favorite kids’ hair product; this creamy formula moisturizes and smooths hair to create soft, touchable curls, and the gel hold helps your child maintain perfectly defined, frizz-free curls even throughout carefree playtime. This kids’ hair gel is super lightweight and doesn’t weigh hair down or make it sticky, hard, or greasy.

SoCozy Bounce Curl Gel-Cream for little girls with curls - Mommy Scene review

We had a lot of fun styling my daughter’s hair with these amazing SoCozy curl hair products and curling her locks with her new curling iron she receive for Christmas! Even at 4 years old, my daughter loves dressing up, looking fancy, and wearing twirly dresses. The SoCozy Curl Gel-Cream provided the perfect foundation for curling her hair into ringlets, and then held those curls in place all day long. The gel-cream also didn’t get sticky or hard when used along with a curling iron.

SoCozy Bounce curl hair products for little girls - Mommy Scene review

SoCozy on the Red Carpet

Seven-year-old Alyssa Cheatham, Will Smith’s daughter, hit the red carpet of the Collateral Beauty premiere wearing the Most Beautiful Dress by Mischka Aoki, which inspired her polished high bun styled by SoCozy. You can achieve her Collateral Beauty premiere look at home with three easy steps using the same SoCozy Curl hair products.

SoCozy hair products and Alyssa Cheatham Will Smith's Daughter at the Collateral Beauty Red Carpet premiere - Mommy Scene

Prep: To achieve the look, Alyssa’s hair was washed with SoCozy Boing Curl Shampoo and Boing Curl Conditioner to ensure frizz-free curls that would last the entire day and night. Her stylist sprayed the new SoCozy Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner throughout her hair to condition and nourish strands for easy styling.

Style: Once dried, Alyssa’s hair was gathered into a high ponytail and secured with an elastic. Her stylist applied a dab of SoCozy Boing Curl Gel-Cream to her crown and ponytail to smooth and secure her hair. Her ponytail was then looped around the base to create a bun and her stylist used more Boing Gel-Cream to smooth out flyaways and set the look.

Finishing Look: To complete Alyssa’s glam style, gilded Garden Sticks by Thais Flowers were secured around the crown of the bun.

L'enfant D'or little girl flower dress - Mommy Scene

We didn’t have a red carpet but we did have some fun taking photos. My daughter loves dressing up, especially in this darling flower dress from L’ENFANT D’OR, a perfect little girl shift dress that is edged with eyelet lace along the bottom. This dress is ideal for wearing as a sun dress in warmer weather, or layering with cute icing leggings and a cozy sweater.

L'enfant D'or dress and curly hair - Mommy Scene

SoCozy Bounce kids hair products, shampoo and conditioner - Mommy Scene review

L'enfant D'or dresses for little girls - Mommy Scene

Cute L'enfant D'or dresses for little girls - Mommy Scene review

Cute flower L'enfant D'or little girl dress - Mommy Scene

After our photoshoot, we set up this adorable My Fairy Garden play set from Playmonster. Putting it together is an activity in itself because my girls had to follow the instructions, hydrate the soil included in the kit, scoop the quick-germinating soil into the flower pot set, and then plant the flower seeds in the soil. Planting our fairy garden was a fun morning activity that allowed my girls to practice listening, following directions, and fine motor skills for scooping, poking, and planting. Plus they are super excited to watch their flowers grow!

Playmonster Fairy Garden play set for kids - Mommy Scene

My Fairy Garden Highlights

My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Playset allows you to grow your own magical garden with flowers and herbs that kids can plant themselves.

This fun kit includes everything you need to plant, grow and play, including dehydrated soil, quick-germinating seeds, and miniature tools.

Playmonster’s fairy garden playset features charming details such as moving doors and trickling water to make the enchanting fun magical!

Kids can play with Freya the fairy and even make her fly using the attachable cord.

This “green” and playful gardening activity is perfect for ages 4 and up. My preschool daughter is excited to see the plants grow and be in charge of watering her fairy garden and little sister is always excited to help!

Playmonster My Fairy Garden playset for girls - Mommy Scene

Playmonster Fairy Garden play set with quick germinating soil - Mommy Scene

Playmonster My Fairy Garden playset for kids - Mommy Scene

Stay tuned for our upcoming full product review of this fun My Fairy Garden from Playmonster, including our reveal of our home-grown flowers that are easy to grow inside even in the winter! Pretty flowers always add a touch of cheer inside the house during cold weather. Shop for this darling fairy play set on Amazon, and snag some of these awesome SoCozy Boing Curl kids’ hair products to tame your girls’ curly hair during dry, cold weather.

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I Love SoCozy products and those are some beautiful little curls!

Sara P
Sara P

I have hair envy too! My hair is frizzy and kinky – not nice and straight OR nice and curly. I also have hair envy for my 15 old son who is still mostly bald 🙂

Lauryn R
Lauryn R

Your daughter has gorgeous hair!! I’m like you, stick straight hair. But my youngest daughter was born with the most beautiful curls! She is only 2, but already it’s so long! I definitely need to get these products for her. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Mommy Scene

Thank you! We definitely have to brush out her hair every day. It’s fun though.


Adorable hair! She is absolutely precious!

Mackinaw R
Mackinaw R

So cute! Love your daughter’s dress, too.

Mommy Scene

These dresses from L’ENFANT D’OR are so adorable, and perfect for Spring!

Denise L
Denise L

Thank you for sharing. She acts like she is all grown up. She is a cutie pie.

Mommy Scene

You are welcome. I know! She is growing up too fast

Terri S
Terri S

What a fun day! I can tell your daughter likes to be photographed. That is awesome. I am interested in those products for my unruly hair!

Mommy Scene

We have lots of fun taking photos and I love them for the photo books! SoCozy products are so great for kids’ hair. The leave-in spray conditioner makes it so easy to brush out my daughter’s curls every morning.