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Fun with American Girl Maryellen Larkin

Fun with American Girl Maryellen Larkin

We’ve been having so much fun with our American Girl doll Maryellen Larkin! My young daughter is already enchanted by her beautiful details, silky hair, and darling clothes and accessories. I was excited to give her my Truly Me doll this year, and Maryellen Larkin is the perfect friend to join the two of them!

American Girl dolls are a wonderful companion for my daughter to take with her throughout the day. I love teaching my daughter to take care of her special things by entrusting her with high quality toys that she will treasure (and she does a great job!). She never gets tired of doing their hair, dressing her dolls, and even making her own accessories for them. We recently made matching rubber band bracelets for her pair of AG dolls, a creative craft in itself!

Fun with American Girl Maryellen Larkin - Mommy Scene

In a world where so many fads come and go and toys enter the cycle of being new, played with, used, and eventually discarded, American Girl dolls are a timeless treasure that can be passed down to the next round of daughters. I’m very impressed that my Truly Me doll from 18+ years ago is still like-new. American Girl dolls have classic details and very durable soft torsos and rubbery arms and legs. Nothing about them feels “cheap”. If an accident should befall a doll, American Girl offers a doll fix up service to replace hair and remedy marks on the dolls!

Reading American Girl Maryellen Larkin's storybook - Mommy Scene

Maryellen’s story book is a bit advanced for my daughter, but I’ve enjoyed reading it to her and she “pretends” to read the book, making up her own stories about Maryellen (that also include her friends). Reading (and pretend-reading) is such a great way to encourage her imagination, think of new ideas, and explore a world outside of her own.

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American Girl Doll Maryellen Larkin best friends - Mommy Scene

I also love that Maryellen Larkin’s 60’s style dress and accents introduce my daughter to a historical era of fashion. She’s already asked for a poodle skirt for herself. American Girl has such a great history, we enjoy checking out their new dolls and storybooks as well as reading the older classic stories about Samantha, Felicity, and Kristen. Even though several of these dolls are no longer made, their classic stories will always be around.

American Girl Maryellen 50's Doll review - Mommy Scene

What do you love most about American Girl? The timeless classics or the new, modern storylines? American Girl has lots to offer for both! Visit them on line at

American Girl dolls timeless classics - Mommy Scene

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