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Tissue Paper Butterfly Sun Catchers

Tissue Paper Butterfly Sun Catchers

We made these beautiful butterfly sun catchers to catch the summer rays. My 4 year old loved meticulously gluing the tissue paper shapes onto the card stock outline. She’s into anything crafty, especially if she can do it herself!

Kids craft butterfly suncatchers - Mommy Scene

Tissue paper butterfly suncatchers kids craft - Mommy Scene

How to make butterfly suncatchers - Mommy Scene

Kids activity butterfly suncatchers - Mommy Scene

To make homemade stained glass butterfly sun catchers, you just need scissors, card stock, glue, and different colored tissue paper. You can use our printable butterfly templates to print out butterfly shapes on card stock to create your pattern, and then use kids scissors to cut out the butterfly shapes on shimmery or colored card stock.

These butterfly tissue paper sun catchers are vibrantly colorful accents for decorating your windows this fall! And your kids will love that you’re displaying something they made themselves! I love looking at my window and seeing these colorful butterfly sun catchers. We even sent one as a gift for grandma!

Beautiful tissue paper butterfly suncatchers - Mommy Scene

What do you enjoy doing with your kids? Toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids can all benefit from the crafty ingenuity required to do creative kids’ projects. My daughter loves baking, gluing, coloring, and learning about color! We started her at young age with colorful pom poms. They were all over our house, but she learned her colors and practiced her fine motor skills. I’m excited to do crafts with all my kids and learn their favorite activities and talents as they get older.

Butterfly Sun Catcher Printable Template

Right click these template files and select “Save image as”.

Butterfly suncatcher printable template - Mommy SceneButterfly suncatcher template printable - Mommy Scene

Sparkly Gel Pens

In addition to doing fun crafts, my girls also love coloring with gel pens! We had the chance to try out a really colorful set of 60 gel pens that glitter and non-glitter hues as well as multi-color marbled inks. These pens write smoothly without blotches or ink skips. I’ve already used them numerous times with coloring with my daughter. She loves all the color choices!

Reaeon set of 60 Colored Gel Pens - Mommy Scene

Reaeon 60 Colored Glitery Gel Pens - Mommy Scene

Set of 60 Colored and Glitter Gel Pens - Mommy Scene

This Reaeon set of 60 Colored Gel Pens is a great buy! Each pen tube is clear so you can easily identify the color. The glitter hues glide on strong and shimmery without ink skips. The solid colors are bright, bold and jewel toned. The tops of these gel pens can be easily pulled off by a child and they snap back on to ensure the pen doesn’t dry out. This gel pen set also comes with refills for each pen! I use my gel pen set for taking notes, writing lists, drawing, doodling, and coloring in coloring books with my girls. I actually prefer they use pens to color rather than markers, since pens make much less of a mess if my girls decide to color outside of their coloring sheet. I’d definitely recommend this 60 Gel Pen set for any kids who love being creative.

Glittery Colored Gel Pens set - Mommy Scene

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Melissa C

Oh! This looks like so much fun I can’t wait to do this with my kids!

Deb Smith

These are beautiful. I want to do these with my granddaughter when she’s a little older. Only 18 mo so I must bookmark.


These are so cute! Love this kids’ project! 🙂

Colleen F

My daughter would love this colorful butterfly project!

Christina C

These butterflies are so adorable!


Super fun activity! We will have to make these for summer.

Christel K

Hey great post. These butterflies are so colorful and look fun to make!


Kids loved doing crafts, these look easy


Wonderful blog! Thanks for the fun kids ideas.

Sara J

My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This post made my day. My kids would love to make these butterflies.


You’re so cool! This such a fun idea to do with kids, so original.

Patty M

Hey great post. I hope it’s ok that I shared it on Twitter. Thanks for the fun kids’ craft idea

Teresa L

Amazing idea! These butterflies are so colorful and cute.

Jessica H

These are so cute! My kids would love making them and decorating my windows.


This is such a pretty kids’ craft idea! Love the colors and details.

Sue C.

For the Tissue Paper Butterflies:
How do you keep the tissue paper from gluing also onto the paper you have below the butterfly?

Sue C.

Thanks for the parchment paper information. Sounds very workable.