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Beauty & The Beast Rose & Mirror Craft

Beauty & The Beast Rose & Mirror Craft

My girls love the story of Beauty and the Beast. This classic story from Disney is a timeless tale that even preschoolers and toddlers can enjoy. My 4-year-old loves Belle’s twirling through the fields of dandelions and dancing across the ballroom in her yellow ball gown. The intricacies of the Beauty and the Beast storyline escape her, but that doesn’t prevent her from enjoying the overall story. My 2-year-old just tags along for the fun! We recently made some fun Beauty and the Beast inspired kids’ crafts so my daughters can twirl around the house as Belle, complete with her magic mirror and the Beast’s enchanted rose. I hope you enjoy our fun Disney inspired kids’ craft ideas!

We are so excited about Disney’s new live action Beauty and the Beast movie, coming to theaters March 17, 2017! I can’t wait to see this classic Disney tale turned into a gorgeous drama, complete with amazing costumes, enchanting scenes embellished by CGI, and the classic movie retold starring Emma Watson as Belle in this enchanting new role!

Beauty and the Beast inspired kids' crafts - Mommy Scene

Belle’s Magic Mirror Kids’ Craft

To make this enchanted mirror inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you just need some cardboard, paint, tin foil, and assorted jewels.

1. Cut out a piece of cardboard into the shape of a mirror. Trace the mirror shape onto a second piece of cardboard and cut out the front and handle of the mirror.

2. Cut a circle window in the front of the mirror and place a piece of tin foil between the two layers of cardboard.

3. Paint the individual pieces of the mirror, let dry, and then glue them together. I found hot glue to be most effective to hold our DIY mirror together since it dries quickly.

4. I glued a popsicle stick to the handle in between the two layers of cardboard to reinforce the handle of our DIY enchanted mirror kids’ craft. The popsicle stick makes the handle a lot more sturdy for fun imaginative play.

5. Embellish your DIY enchanted mirror with jewels and glitter! This Beauty and the Beast inspired enchanted mirror craft is great for young kids because preschoolers and toddlers can decorate the mirror by themselves, and mom can help with gluing.

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Beauty and the Beast magic mirror easy kids' craft - Mommy Scene

Easily make this DIY magic mirror craft out of cardboard.

Beauty and the Beast little girl with enchanted rose kids' craft - Mommy Scene

The Beast’s Enchanted Rose Kids’ Craft

The Beauty and the Beast story wouldn’t be complete without the Beast’s enchanted rose! We made our own enchanted rose craft with a paper rose, glittery jewels, and a mason jar. To make one yourself, gather together a paper or silk rose with a stem, large bead with a hole in it, empty mason jar with a lid, washi tape, and any rhinestone decorative accents you want to use. This Beauty and the Beast inspired rose craft is super easy and fun to play with for hours afterward! Add lights inside the jar and watch your DIY enchanted rose glow in a dark room.

1. Glue the mason jar lid to the outer ring using hot glue. Glue a large bead to the inside center of the mason jar lid.

2.  To attach the enchanted rose, glue the stem of the paper or silk rose inside the hole of the bead that is attached to the mason jar lid. Place the jar over the rose upside down and screw on the lid.

3. Decorate the jar lid with sparkly washi tape and glue on decorative rhinestones and jewels.

4. We made our lid removable and didn’t tape it shut, so we could add LED lights inside the jar and have access to turn them off after playtime.

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Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose easy kids' craft - Mommy Scene

Easily glue your enchanted rose inside the mason jar by using a large bead to glue it to the lid. LED lights inside the jar give the enchanted rose a magically cool effect! Mason jars are pretty sturdy, so this enchanted rose won’t easily break even through regular imaginative play.

Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose kids' craft - Mommy Scene

Beauty and the Beast inspired kids' crafts - Mommy Scene

What are you most excited to see in Disney’s upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast? The amazing costumes? Cogsworth and Lumiere animated in all their CGI glory? The gorgeous backdrops and magical effects? Because the original Beauty and the Beast movie was animated in 1991 using the hand-drawn animation technique, it’s one of the last classic animated Disney movies. I’m excited to see Beauty and the Beast retold with all the 21st century technology. Even though the original Beauty & the Beast will always be a classic, as a little girl I loved live action dramas with real people much more than animated movies.

Disney’s upcoming live action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic and one of the most beloved tales ever told, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, will be released in theaters nationwide on March 17, 2017 — a dream come to life!

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This is adorable! Both my daughter’s will have so much fun, and will love doing this! Thanks for the post 🙂

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I love this post and my daughter wants me to make this rose for her. I had to pin it and bookmark it. Happy and prosperous New Year.

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My daughter will love these ideas!

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These craft ideas are so cute!


I’m so excited to see this new movie!


This is so adorable! And such a great movie.


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Such a cute Beauty and the Beast mirror craft!