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Fun Stuff for Kids – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Fun Stuff for Kids – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Mommy Scene 2017 Top Gift Picks
We know all about kids when it comes to gift giving! These fun gifts are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face on Christmas morning. Our gift guide for kids includes something for everyone!

Piggy Paint natural nail polish gift set - Mommy Scene

Piggy Paint is a non-toxic nail polish for kids! This Piggy Paint 4 Polish Gift Set contains .25 oz polishes Berry Go Round, Shimmy Shimmy POP, Tutu Cool, and Dragon Tears with Sweetie Nail Art. A must-have for girls who love nail polish!

American Girl doll Nanea Mitchell - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

American Girl Nanea Mitchell is a kind-hearted and helpful Hawaiian native with big hazel eyes and wavy dark-brown hair. This 18″ Nanea (nah-NAY-ah) doll arrives in an authentic 1940s-style outfit complete with a button-front pake blouse with an island graphic and sailor-style moku shorts. Her basic accessories include white underwear, shoes with crisscross straps, and a faux-hibiscus flower hair clip. Nanea’s eyes open and close and she has a huggable cloth body and movable head and limbs made of smooth vinyl. Includes the paperback book Growing Up with Aloha, the first novel-length volume of Nanea’s classic series.

Wild Things Animal Blankets - Mommy Scene Holiday Gift Guide

Wild Things Animal Blankets allow kids to come alive (or fall asleep) as their favorite creature while using their imagination to go on animal adventures. Each blanket features unique details that allow kids to climb inside or play with the paws as they are transformed into playful animals!

The Shrunks Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed is perfect for sleepovers, travel, and for kids transitioning to a big bed. Kids feel secure and cozy, and right at home, thanks to the portable air bed’s unique design. Standard sized crib sheets and blankets even tuck into the inner air mattress! Constructed with the safest materials, The Shrunks Travel Beds are safe from phthalates, lead and BPA. Also comes with a compact electric pump and convenient carrying bag.

Revelae Kids Ocean Discovery Box and Sensory Bin - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

This fun sensory Ocean Exploration Discovery Box by Revelae Kids will introduce kids to a magical world of miniature sea creatures, sparkling gems and crystals, and colorful shells and ocean plants. Kids will enjoy hours of imaginative play; scooping, collecting, and sorting the hidden treasures and creatures within the box. Revelae Kids themed sensory bins are great for teaching toddlers and preschoolers fine motor skills, encouraging independent play, and helping to increase kids’ attention spans. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Sleep ZZZ kids' pillow - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

The inventors of the as seen on ABC’s show SHARK TANK Twin Z Pillow have come out with a new pillow for kids ages 3 and up called the Sleep Zzz Pillow! The Sleep Zzz Pillow was originally invented for one of our own children with sensory issues and we needed something to help her fall asleep and stay asleep. Originally we thought that this would only be for kids with sensory issues but we have found that TONS of kids love this pillow! It has helped hundreds of parents get their kids to bed faster and stay asleep longer!

Window Jammers travel activity - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

Window Jammers are a new low-tech travel toy designed for use pressed against the inside of the closed window of a moving vehicle. Window Jammers feature collectible characters to be driven, flown, tumbled across and rocketed through the passing landscape. Jammer characters are attached to the end of a telescoping wand with a special joint on the end to allow for incredible articulation for great stunts.

Morph shape shifting fluff - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

Morph is the shape shifting fluff that does all the stuff! Flip and fold to fluff your Morph and watch it grow to 3 times its size. Create fun fluff textures and super soft cloud-like creations. Morph is millions of mini-spheres that are filled with air and magically stick together. It fluffs, mixes, molds, inks, floats, and bounces! How will you #MorphIt?

Littlest Pet Shop cruise ship Mommy Scene Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time for sea-farin’ adventures on the Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship! Kids can imagine this turtle captain’s at the helm with two eager passengers (a cat and an octopus). This vessel is ready to take even more fun-lovin’ pets on the vacation of a lifetime. Kids can pretend that pets are tearin’ up the dance floor, scaling the rock-climbing wall, surfing or even zip-lining! Up to 30 pets of various sizes (each sold separately) can fit into this awesome playset, which opens and closes for maximum play space.

Tangled Swingling Locks Rapunzel Castle - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

Disney’s Rapunzel is eager to seek adventure and discover her destiny both inside and outside the castle walls! The Tangled Swinging Locks Castle offers 2 sides of play in which girls can help the included Rapunzel doll slide down the zip line into her bedroom, swing in royal style, and move Pascal up and down the castle in a pale! Spin the sundial at the top of the tower to make the lanterns whirl. Play out Rapunzel’s artsy and active adventures with an assortment of awesome accessories including a bed, brush, easel, paintbrush, paint palette, lantern, and hair clips.

Baby Alive Snackin Luke Doll - Mommy Scene holiday gift guide

The Baby Alive Snackin’ Luke doll is an adorably hungry little guy who loves to spend snack time with his mommy or daddy! With the reusable solid doll food and snack shaper, kids can get creative and make different kinds of yummy-looking pretend food for him. After the pretend snacks are ready, kids can scoop them from his dish with his airplane spoon. Girls and boys can even play airplane with the doll food and pretend it’s coming in for a landing. Snackin’ Luke even “poops” in his diaper! Kids can change his diaper and get him all cleaned up.

Tickle Me Elmo - Mommy Scene Holiday Gift Guide

Elmo’s hysterical laugh is back! The magic of Tickle Me Elmo returns — re-imagined for a whole new generation of fans! Little ones can start the hilarious fun when they press his tummy or squeeze his feet. First, they’ll hear Elmo’s contagious giggle. When they continue to squeeze and “tickle” Elmo, he laughs harder and harder until he starts to move and shake! Children can’t help but giggle along when they hear his funny sayings and hysterical laughing sounds.

Play-Doh Letters and Language Set - Mommy Scene Holiday Gift Guide

The Play-Doh Letters and Language Set provides fun and creative learning opportunities! Little ones can explore letter recognition, practice letter sounds, and explore reading and writing using the stampers, playmats, and the classic Play-Doh compound. Set includes 26 letter stampers, stylus, roller, two double-sided mats, Together Time Guide, and six cans of Play-Doh compound.

Play-Doh Disney Royal Princess Salon Playset - Mommy Scene Holiday Gift Guide

Little girls can style Rapunzel’s hair with the Play-Doh Disney Royal Princess Salon Playset! Turn the crank on the styling head to grow Play-Doh hair and add braids with the Pascal roller! Use the rest of the accessories to snip, style, crimp, and curl Rapunzel’s hair any way you want! Includes Rapunzel styling head, Pascal roller, scissors, comb, brush, three cans of Play-Doh compound and one can of Play-Doh Sparkle compound.

The Green Glove Dryer - Holiday Gift Guide Mommy Scene

Kids want to enjoy snowball fights and packing snowmen in the front yard without feeling of wet, cold-weather accessories. The Green Glove Dryer is an effective and efficient way to dry wet winter gear after a day of snowy activities. The Green Glove Dryer sits over a floor heat register or attaches to a wall heat register, allowing warm air to flow up through the nozzles of the unit. This device requires no additional energy or tools to dry gloves, mittens, hats and shoes. The Green Glove Dryer is also portable and packable for travel and storage.


Which is your favorite kid’s gift idea?

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23 Comments on "Fun Stuff for Kids – 2017 Holiday Gift Guide"

Tom Bellamy

I will have to try some of these with the kids.


That non-toxic nail polish is a great gift idea for my neice

Beth Rees

The morph seems really neat. I think my 5 year old would have a lot of fun with it.

Cia Black

Nail polish is always a stocking stuffer for my oldest girl ( soon to be 9) and we have 3 AG coming this year ( we did the customs to get them to look like are children. Playdoh is also a favorite for stocking stuffer. The windows Jammer look very interesting though, I’m always looking for ways to entertain the kids in the cars so I can actually enjoy the music.

Amy Dong

My own littles aren’t really so little anymore 😉 But my nieces… well, they would adore those animal towels and all the dollies. Great holiday gift ideas!

Michelle Leslie

Aaaww and my kids are all grown up and there’s no grand babies yet to spoil. Love these ideas Katie , in fact I could see myslef playing with that Morph clay. It sounds like so much fun

Tanvi Rastogi

I appreciate all these ideas. I don’t have kids hence I always struggle to buy something for my nieces and nephews.



Great selection of gift ideas! When does play-doh ever get old? My niece and nephew love it as much as I did as a kid 😀 I hadn’t heard of the Morpf creature before but I’m going to check it out and see if its something they might like for Christmas 🙂


You should add some more green gifts for the crunchy mamas 🙂

Courtney Blacher

It’s really nice to have all these options today. Even if kids are more demanding, there is something for everyone.


What fun items! I remember when I was a kid, I so wanted a Baby Alive! I can’t believe it’s still around. That Tickle Me Elmore is the best. I ended up buying it for my mom believe it or not 🙂


These are really great gifts! The Discovery Box looks cool. I also like the glove dryer, though I’m not sure how excited a kid would be for it. 😆


Thanks for the round up. Elmo is a perennial classic and my niece is going to love the Ocean Explorer discovery game!

Shubhada Bhide

This is such a great gift ideas for kids. My kids love play dough. and I think I need to find new play dough collection.

Candy Rachelle

These are pretty awesome gifts. My daughter is well past the age for these. I wish we could just transport back in time to these ages!

Elizabeth O

This is such a great gift ideas for kiddos. I think they really love this.


I love the animal blanket! Super comfy and adorable. The travel bed seems like a great present as well!


some of these gift ideas are just to fabulous! my faves are the inflatable travel bed and the cushion. hmm I seem to have a theme going here haha


I love the idea of the toddler travel bed, but I’m worried that it will pop!

Oyinkan Ogunleye

The nail polish was perfect. I used to love nail polish as a kid. My mom would let me paint everything but red lol