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Practical Ways To Pamper Yourself As A Mom

Practical Ways To Pamper Yourself As A Mom

Moms are always working hard and giving their best to take care of their families. I know I personally don’t tend to stop and think about taking care of myself in all the business of life with babies. However, my sweet husband is good to remind me to take a break and treat myself to some pampering now and then! We all have different ways of relaxing or feeling pampered but for me, as a mom I love being “pampered” by things that are not only fun for me but helpful or practical in some way. Here are 4 practical ways you can pamper yourself as a mom!

Retail Therapy

We all know a fun way to release some stress can be buying something new and fun for yourself (think dollar section at Target!). However I’ve learned that instead of blowing money on a bunch of small things I’ll soon forget about, I love finding items that are not only beautiful but also have long term value. This gorgeous leather designer diaper bag from Lily Jade is a perfect example!

Practical Ways To Pamper Yourself As A Mom - Treat yourself to this gorgeous designer diaper bag from Lily Jade that is designed to last long past the diaper bag stage! - Mommy Scene

Both functional and fashionable, this beautiful diaper bag will make staying organized with little ones easy while also adding style to your look. It can be worn 3 different ways and even has a “Baby Bag” insert which can be removed. This beautiful leather bag is designed to grow with you in your motherhood journey and will last long past the diaper bag stage. Find your favorite style and color at lily-jade.com.

 At Home Facial Treatment

Put your best face forward by taking care of your skin! Maybe your skin is feeling dried out from the winter wind or you’re seeing damage from too much summer sun. Taking care of your face now will keep you looking healthier and more youthful as you age and treating stubborn skin issues can give you confidence to face the day. Pamper your skin with some natural goodness such as this high quality line of skincare products from SwissVita.

Practical Ways To Pamper Yourself As A Mom - Take care of your skin with SwissVita's line of high quality skincare products - Mommy Scene

I have loved SwissVita’s Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum! Pregnancy hormones have taken a toll on my face, leaving me with redness and acne scaring that has been difficult to cover up even with layers of concealer and foundation. After using SwisVita’s Anti-Spot Serum for about 1 month I’ve seen a reduction in the redness on my cheeks and my scars from years ago have finally begun to fade! The serum is a lightweight cream that has a very light pleasant scent from the natural ingredients like tea tree oil and citric extract. A little goes a long way and it goes on very smoothly leaving no oily feel. I’ve also had less breakouts on my face since using this and have been going out in public for the first time in a very long time without first layering on foundation and concealer.

Practical Ways To Pamper Yourself As A Mom with Anti-Spot Serum from SwissVita - Mommy Scene

I love the confidence booster that pampering my skin with this serum has given me! SwissVita’s mission as a company is to create rejuvenating skincare products that are based on science to keep you looking naturally beautiful and confident. They use a variety of natural ingredients including the “AC-11” herb which is naturally found in the Amazon rainforest and works to to heal your skin from the inside out by supporting your body’s DNA repair capacity.

DIY Homemade Sore Muscle Bath Soak


Holding babies, carrying groceries, playing with your toddler, (not to mention giving birth!); these can all take quite a toll on your mommy-body. Take care of your body by pampering yourself with this easy to make, pain-relieving Sore Muscle Soak. My favorite time for a pampering bath is after the kids go to bed and baby has her last feeding. It’s the perfect way to unwind from a long day and prepare for a good night sleep (before baby wakes up in a few hours to nurse again!).

 Pamper Yourself Inside Out

Practical Ways To Pamper Yourself As A Mom - Healthy and delicious berry spinach smoothies are filled with nutritious anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals - Mommy Scene

Take care of yourself by ensuring you are getting essential vitamins and minerals and pamper yourself by doing this in a delicious way! One of my favorite healthy but delicious snacks to make is a berry and spinach smoothie. Though my measurements are never exact here’s what I use in my smoothies.

Berry and Spinach Smoothie


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  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 a carrot, chopped (optional and not recommended for regular blenders!)
  • 8 oz coconut water (use fruit juice for extra sweetness)
  • 1 TBSP honey
  • 1/2 TBSP chia seeds
  • Frozen berries (I use either a mix or just blueberries
  • *Add a banana for a sweeter taste or Greek yogurt for some protien!

This is a tasty way to get in some extra vitamins, iron, anti-oxidants and even fiber into my diet. I love using my powerful Nuti Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO system to easily create these yummy smoothies as well as other healthy drinks, tantalizing desserts and even savory meals that are loaded with nutrients. Unlike a regular blender the Nutri Ninja does an amazing job of breaking down the raw veggies (like carrots), seeds, and even fruit skins.  Check out all the features offered by this versatile Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO and discover some healthy and delicious blended recipes.

These are some of the ways I most enjoy pampering myself as a busy mom because they are practical, beneficial, and enjoyable! This week has been a particularly rough week so I am really looking forward to a relaxing bath soak tonight to relieve some pain and stress. Keep working hard to love and serve your family but do remember to take a break, refresh and take care of you too!

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Karen and her husband of 7 years have one active but very sweet toddler boy and a happy baby girl. She loves being mommy, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling and trying new things.

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Sushmita T

Amazing suggestions love them especially the bath soak & smoothie 😀 Thank you for sharing!


These are really great ideas!!


Such great suggestions, especially the face cream!


Retail therapy is always nice! 😉 I am going to try the berry recipe, looks great!


I love the idea of the sore muscle soak I will definitely be trying that out, and smoothies are my go-to for a detox, I absolutely love my Nutri Ninja. It’s the best thing ever! Thanks for the great post 🙂


I love shopping as a stress reliever. LOL I like your choice of short term vs long term value. The diaper bag is stylish and cute. I haven’t tried the SwissVita Anti-Spot Serum. I’ve seen it but haven’t used it. I also have some redness around my cheeks, outer corner of my eyes, and nose area. Reading that you’ve seen a reduction in redness on your cheeks gives me hope to try. These at home spa pampering treatments are lovely and very much needed.


I am not a mom, yet I totally agree moms do need to take care of themselves. For myself, retail therapy has always worked wonders! But taking care of my skin is a top priority. I love all your suggestions. Great for moms or any ladies really.