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Busy Mommy Purse Essentials

Busy Mommy Purse Essentials

I’m always on the lookout for natural products that work well. Personally I haven’t purchased deodorant containing aluminum for years in an effort to limit my family’s exposure to aluminum. While I’m sure there’s a wide range of opinions about long term exposure to aluminum, I figure better safe than sorry. It can be hard to find deodorant with natural odor protection that actually works; of course no one wants to smell. I’m excited to share with you a wonderful brand of deodorant that not only gets the job done but has all the properties that I look for in natural odor protection. It also comes in a wide variety of fragrances, something for everyone!

Naturally stay fresh with Tom's of Maine deodorant - Mommy Scene

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant is formulated using natural ingredients and does not contain aluminum, animal products, artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. This deodorant dries using natural ingredients that effectively minimize perspiration. Tom’s of Maine discloses every ingredient in their deodorants, including where each ingredient is sourced.

This post was developed in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are my own.

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant Ingredients

Propylene Glycol (vegetable derived) – Consistency
Water – Consistency
Sodium Stearate from coconut and palm oils – Consistency
Organic Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice – Soothing feel
Glyceryl Laurate from vegetable oils – Deodorancy
Humulus Lupulus (hops) [CO2] extract – Deodorancy
Organic Cymbopogon Flexuosus oil from lemongrass – Deodorancy

Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil – Moisturizer
Ascorbic Acid from citrus fruits – Antioxidant

I appreciate the naturally drying ingredients that don’t leave my skin feeling “burned” or rough especially in the winter. Aluminum can be especially drying and I often have to moisturize my armpits in the cold weather months. Tom’s of Maine natural odor protection moisturizes my skin as well as deodorizing. I also don’t have to reapply this deodorant throughout the day to feel fresh. Tom’s of Maine deodorant’s long lasting odor protection lasts up to 24 hours!

Stay Fresh Naturally with Tom's of Maine - Mommy Scene

Stay Fresh Naturally with Tom's of Maine natural deodorant - Mommy Scene

Long Lasting Deodorant Highlights

This Long Lasting Deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum and comes in fragrances such as wild lavender, tea tree, fresh apricot, and lemongrass. It contains naturally drying ingredients as well as a moisturizer and natural fragrances.

Tom’s of Maine Fresh Apricot Deodorant is my favorite. It smells wonderfully sweet and it goes on softly, moisturizing as it freshens. It’s infused with natural fragrance and organic oils.

Long lasting Unscented Deodorant is a good option if you are sensitive to any fragrance. It literally has no smell, other than the tiniest hint of aloe. Tom’s of Maine unscented deodorant is like wearing deodorant without wearing deodorant, no fragrance.

Refreshing Lemongrass is also a personal favorite, it smells fresh and sunny without any sharp or sour undertones. Wild Lavender smells just like lavender, also moisturizing, naturally scented, and infused with Organic plant-derived oils.

Tom's of Maine natural long lasting deodorant is a purse essential - Mommy Scene

Overall, I love Tom’s of Maine deodorant with natural odor protection and it’s definitely a purse essential to put in my Coco & Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag, when I’m out running around with the kids. Although if you apply this long lasting deodorant in the morning, you likely won’t need to reapply! I have lots of fun chasing my three kiddos around during the day, and my little guy is just starting to stand and take supported steps. I don’t want to be worried about how I smell as I play with my kids and I’m careful with which chemicals I allow in the products that I use. Tom’s of Maine deodorant offers a great combination of dryness, freshness, and moisturizing in a way that’s naturally derived and beneficial for my family. Tom’s of Maine also makes deodorant for men and kids, as well as a wide range of other natural hygiene products.

Keep Tom's of Maine aluminum free deodorant in your purse - Mommy Scene

Stay Fresh Naturally with Tom's of Maine deodorant for busy moms - Mommy Scene

You can learn more about Tom’s of Maine and discover how many moms and families are benefiting from these natural products. Check out these moms’ stories of #WhyISwitched.

Tom's of Maine natural deodorant for moms - Mommy Scene

What are your favorite ways to live a natural lifestyle?

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I have always wanted to try their great sounding products. I sometimes wonder about some of the products that we buy in the stores.


We try to only buy eco-friendly cleaners and we buy organic as much as possible.


Favorite to live naturally is to reuse everything in my home!


My favorite way to live naturally is to get outside and enjoy nature!!

Tina M

It can be as simple as bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, recycling, picking organic foods, relying less on packaged foods and using natural home cleaning products. Might not sound like much but its a start.

Tammy C

I love to have herb garden use natural ingredients in food try to use natural items

Rosemary O

I like to use natural and organic products.

Beverly M

My favorite way to live naturally is to plant a garden every summer and use natural ingredients whenever possible.

Erica W

We go all natural, organic and toxic free. I love using products that are free from everything.

Maureen C

We go green by planting a garden yearly.

Lisa G

We have 4 small children so I try and use mostly natural products for cleaning and bathing. We had our first run-in with lice this year. I was terrified of using harsh chemicals on my son’s hair and eventually the whole family. So I found a home remedy of coconut oil and tea tree oil.

Laura E

My favorite way to live naturally is to use only natural products for cleaning and never have any product which has hard chemicals.

Denise L

My favorite way to live naturally is to eat whole foods.

Dana M

My favorite way to live naturally is to do some of our own gardening and canning.

Erin C

We like to have a veggie garden every summer.

Christine B.

I reuse items and buy used. I grow my own veges and fruits.

Debbie C

I don’t eat meat.

Angela H

We recycle and I buy organic produce. I need to do more but one step at a time.

Sheri A

I walk daily at least a mile or two in our neighborhood, love it!

Stephanie H.

I love buying and using organic and natural products for my family.

Sheila M.

We use natural cleaners and personal care products as much as possible. We do recycling as well.

Audrey Stewart

We compost and recycle. We ride our bikes to work.

Kiersten R

We use cloth diapers, unpaper towels, norwex cleaning products

Gina G

My favorite ways to live naturally are to shop the farmer’s market and to walk instead of taking a car when possible!


We use cloth diapers to help live naturally!


We buy organic as much as possible.


I like Tom’s of Maine. We use their toothpaste at our house (parents and babies)


We use products that contain only natural ingredients and eat organic, non-processed foods.


My ways that I try to live naturally are using only non-toxic cleaning products and buying organic food whenever possible.


I grow my own vegetables, create my own semi-organic soil and can and freeze the vegetables to eat.

Cindy P

Live small. Buy less. Wear it out. Recycle and reuse everything you can. Use hand tools instead of power tools when you can.


We use natural cleaners and other earth friendly products at home.

Lauryn R

My favorite way to live naturally is to always practice the triple Rs… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 🙂

Sarah S

I love the apricot Tom’s of Maine!

Kristin C

It sounds like I’ll have to try the apricot.