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The Green Scene Mom Awards

The Green Scene Mom Awards

The Green Scene Mom Awards celebrate new product designs and Eco-friendly innovation! We have awarded the Green Scene Mom Award winner seal to more than 150 products in the last three years, in recognition of some truly awesome designs. Each product submission is evaluated for being Eco-friendly or natural, easy to use, and having an innovative design.

2017 green scene mom award winner badge

eco friendly product award


Green Scene Mom Award product submissions are evaluated on how Eco-friendly the product is including whether the product helps families reduce household trash and how long the product can be used before recycling or donating the item.

eco friendly product award

Easy to Use

Green Scene Mom Award product submissions are tested for ease of use including assembling, cleaning, using/operating and storing the item. This evaluation may also include how easy it is for a child to use the product, depending on the intended use of the product.

eco friendly product award

Innovative Design

Green Scene Mom Award products are evaluated based on creative design, style and innovation. We make it easy to submit your best sellers, Eco-friendly customer favorites, and unique product designs to be considered for a Green Scene Mom Award!

Past Green Scene Mom Award Winners

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