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Simple DIY Candy Box

Simple DIY Candy Box

This homemade candy box can be made out of any leftover cardboard box and customized to fit any size gift. This idea is perfect for gifting candy, small treats, cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzel rods and more! A DIY candy box is inexpensive to make and only requires things you probably already have at home!

To make a DIY candy box, find a leftover food box in the size you need to hold your treat. Rice boxes work great for candy and cereal boxes are perfect for cupcakes and cookies. For our project we used a discarded couscous box.

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Easily make your own candy box - Mommy Scene

Carefully cut along 3 sides of one panel to make the opening. Looking good already! Using a recycled food box ensures that the box is sturdy enough to protect your treats and lets you focus on the important part — decorating!

Easy DIY Candy Box - Mommy Scene

Shimmery Gold DIY Candy Box

Measure and trim colored paper, scrapbook paper, or colored cardstock to fit and cover the sides of your DIY candy box. Bend the paper around the edge of a knife to make clean, straight, and crisp folds.

Homemade candy box for chocolates and more - Mommy Scene

Fit the paper around the box and glue or tape the paper to the box. We used packing tape to reinforce our candy box because we sent it through the mail.

Easy Repurposed Candy Box - Mommy Scene

Cover as much of the box as you want. We completely covered the outside of our DIY candy box and lined the box bottom with shimmery gold card stock we had left over from old wedding invitations.

Once the paper covers the box, you can decorate it further or leave it plain for a classic look.

Easy DIY Repurposed Chocolate Box - Mommy Scene

We placed Homemade Chocolate Truffles in this DIY candy box and added an extra lining of parchment paper to the bottom to prevent oil from the chocolate from staining the box. This would be perfect for homemade butter toffee too!

DIY treat boxes are such a cute gift for loved ones and your kids can help design the box too! Make homemade Valentine candy boxes for daddy as an afternoon project and decorate them with glitter, drawings, and photos!

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Easy DIY Candy Box for chocolates and more!

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Ashleigh S

What a cute gift idea. This is a great craft for kids to do.

Rebecca P

I love this and it can be used for so many other things, like a craft box!