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DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

We love these creative ideas to take a frame, piece of wood, or even a rake head and turn it into a beautiful necklace holder. This project is a great way to organize your jewelry while adding a unique touch to your decor. Customize the design to fit your style and express your creativity in creating this practical item!

Frame Your Accessorizes

Make a simple jewelry organizer with a frame, several hooks, and some pretty paper. Choose a frame that matches your desired style or spray paint one to create a look all your own. Screw small hooks into the top of the picture frame to easily store any assortment of necklaces. Size, color, and design is all up to you!

DIY Necklace Holder Inspiration

DIY Necklace Holder Ideas - Mommy Scene

Transform a picture frame into a jewelry holder with a few simple hooks and a pretty paper pattern as the background. Or leave the frame blank for a more modern style.

DIY Necklace Holder Picture Frame - Mommy Scene

DIY Jewelry Holder Board - Mommy Scene

This peg board jewelry display uses inner frames, and re-purposed cylinder canisters to maximize storage options.

DIY Necklace Holder Peg Board - Mommy Scene

Design a Custom Wall Hanger

Create this wall hanger with a piece of wood and miss-matched decorative knobs. This design is ideal for small spaces and offers organization as well as a decorative touch.

DIY Jewelry Holder with decorative knobs - Mommy Scene

Create a clean, modern look with a beveled piece of wood spray painted any variety of color.

DIY Decorative Necklace Holder - Mommy Scene

Mix and match knobs or coordinate to create a specific style.

Easy DIY Decorative Necklace Holder - Mommy Scene

Re-purpose & Decorate

This necklace hanger was created using an old rake head spray painted a metallic bronze. The rake teeth make sturdy jewelry hooks, no assembly required.

Pretty Rake DIY Decorative Necklace Holder - Mommy Scene

Painted cork board is the base for this hanger with clear pushpins for the hooks. Simple as can be.

Chic DIY Decorative Necklace Holder - Mommy Scene

This display was made using a type of pvc pipe arranged in a modern style. You could also spray paint this to add a pop of color.

DIY PVC Decorative Necklace Holder - Mommy Scene

Which idea is your favorite? We hope you are inspired by these simple jewelry organization ideas!

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