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DIY Back To School Ideas for Moms

DIY Back To School Ideas for Moms

Can you believe the summer is almost over? We are already gearing up for back to school with some awesome ideas for moms to use in your office or kitchen work space! Spruce up your work space with a fun and creative pencil holder, custom fabric covered notebook, or washi tape keyboard that you can design to match your own style. Whether you are a teacher, homeschool mom, or just revitalizing your office, many of these projects will make starting a new fall schedule a little more fun. After all, fun “school supplies” aren’t just for kids!

Homemade Lace Notebook

Add style to your note taking with a beautiful lace notebook. Create a personalized design in just a few easy steps.

DIY Back to School Ideas
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– Notebook with a fabric or canvas front
– Fabric spray paint
– Lace
– Scissors
– Tape
– Newspaper

Wrap a piece of lace around the front cover of a lightly colored notebook and tape the edges down on the inside of the cover to keep the lace in place. Protect your work space with newspaper. You can also place a piece of newspaper between the cover and the pages to prevent any bleeding through. Spray the front cover evenly using a fabric spray paint. When the paint is partially dry, remove the lace and allow the notebook to continue drying overnight.

Personalized Pencil Jar

DIY Back to School Ideas
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Cut a piece of lacy fabric or part of a lacy vinyl table runner, measured to fit around a glass jar of choice. Recycled candle jars make perfect re-purposed pencil jars. Spray the jar with spray adhesive and adhere the fabric to the jar. Allow the jar to fully dry before use.

DIY Back to School Ideas

Make a kids version of a personalized pencil cup with an empty nut container or recycled cardboard juice can. Thoroughly wash and dry the container, spray with spray adhesive, and wrap with a cute paper or piece of fabric. You can use the can itself to measure the size of the material needed.

Polka Dot Book Cover

DIY Back to School Ideas

Wrap a book with white paper and create a custom book cover with this easy technique. Use the end of a pencil eraser as a whimsical rubber dot stamp. Dab the eraser on an ink pad and firmly press it onto the paper. Design your own colorful pattern or randomly add dots to create an abstract look. One pencil eraser per color works best to keep the colors bright.

Colorific Keyboard

DIY Back to School Ideas

Decorate your computer keyboard with small squares of washi tape to give it a colorful, modern look. If you’re worried about not being able to see the letters on the keys, you can apply cute letter stickers to each square on top of the tape, or re-write the letters using a Sharpie marker.

Paint Chip Bookmarks

DIY Back to School Ideas
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Make these cute bookmarks using strips of paint chips, often available for free from the painting department. Trim each original paint chip strip to create the size you desire and round the corners. Thread each bookmark with a piece of ribbon and decorate with stickers or a monogram letter. These would be great for a classroom or as favors for a party or shower.

Button Bookmarks

DIY Back to School Ideas
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Use your stash of cute, miss-matched buttons to create personalized book tabs. Simply hot glue buttons onto the end of brightly colored paper clips and press a small piece of felt over the glue on the back of each button before it dries. You can make matching magnets by gluing small round magnets onto leftover buttons. Together these would make a cute gift set!

How do you personalize your work space? We’d love to hear your ideas shared in the comments!

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26 Comments on "DIY Back To School Ideas for Moms"


cool stuff! I love these ideas.


Great ideas! I can’t wait to make the pencil cup holders with my girls!

Kayla S

These are all great ideas! Love the colorific keyboard.

Jennifer B

As a stay at home mom on leave from teaching I want to do every single one of these!


My favorite back to school tip is adjust your sleep schedule ahead of time so you won’t be tired that first morning.

Tina B

I’m a homeschool mom of two. My tip would be to get organized as soon as possible! Time zips by before we know it.


I love the button bookmarks, super cute idea!!


I have a 4 year old son who is going to preschool this fall. I’d love to do something fun and crafty with him for his school items so he can say to his new friends “I made this”. I want it to be the best experience for him possible. These ideas gave me some of my own. I hope they work. 🙂 Thank you.

Christy D

What neat DIY ideas. We haven’t done anything like this but they are great ideas I will share with my daughters. Notebooks are much prettier with the lace on them.


Those polka dot book covers are adorable!


These ideas are all so pretty ❤️

Sarah C

My tip or trick is to have a designated homework/study area ready & organized! Keep it simple – desk & pencils is typically all you need!


My back to school tip is to always put a paper cover on all the notebooks before school begins as it wont get the book dirty or messy looking.

Nina M

We homeschool, so it’s nice to get ideas for dressing up our school products. This year we bought the tri-fold poster boards and decorated them for both boys. We homeschool at the kitchen table and the boards give some separation and a little privacy as well as a spot to hang things they are learning.

Bernice D

I love the button and paint sample bookmarks! These are easy crafts to do with my kids and easily customizable to their tastes.


We homeschool, so it’s nice to get ideas for dressing up our school products. This year we bought the tri-fold poster boards and decorated them for both boys. We homeschool at the kitchen table and the boards give some separation and a little privacy as well as a spot to hang things they are learning.


Organization is key to the schoolyard, love these ideas.


I’d love to customize my work laptop a bit with the washi tape – super cute!


I throw away all of the pens/markers/pencils that don’t work and that I don’t like and start the year fresh.


I love the have a homework supply station to make sure we are never searching for pencils or scissors.

Toni C

Each weekend we organize the week to come day by day. I plan lunches, uniforms, events and just focus on a week at a time.


I start a back to school sleep schedule at least two weeks before school starts so we are all used to getting up and getting ready.


I label all my stuff to stay organized


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