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DIY Boy’s Room Wood Wall Art Sign

DIY Boy’s Room Wood Wall Art Sign

I’m excited to show off my DIY wood wall art! At the end of last year I welcomed my first baby boy, inspiring some boy-themed nursery decor. After two rounds of baby girls, I had a lot of tutus and glitter. I wanted my little guy’s nursery to be whimsical; my wood wall art isn’t anything fancy, just simple and made with love. I took words from Proverbs and painted three slabs of wood with the message “Grow in Wisdom, Grace, Strength and Courage.”

DIY cute homemade wood art sign - Mommy Scene

DIY wood wall art is pretty easy to make and customize. You just need wood boards, a sanding block, some paint, and picture hanging hardware. I had everything I needed in my garage; a perk of having random wood sitting around from other projects! I painted these boards with a few coats of dusty blue water-based paint, and attached some picture hangers on the back of each board with screws. It wouldn’t do to have my custom nursery wall art falling off the wall behind the crib!

Make a cute DIY homemade wood art sign - Mommy Scene

For my homemade nursery wall art, I decided to make DIY custom stencils for painting on my lettering. I plotted it out in my photo editing program and printed off the words on standard 8″ x 11″ sheets of paper. Plotting out the layout allows you to visualize your homemade wood wall art before committing to your DIY painted wood project.

DIY wood art panels with custom stencils - Mommy Scene

Painting with custom stencils

I cut out my printed words and traced around them. Once I had the letters transferred to the wood boards I was ready to paint them in. Painting custom letters requires careful attention to detail but isn’t very hard. If you paint a little out of the lines, you can always touch the letters up with the background color.

Do it yourself wood art with homemade stencils - Mommy Scene

DIY wood wall art for baby boy’s nursery, customized with homemade letter stencils.

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DIY homemade wood art sign with custom lettering stencils - Mommy Scene

Custom wall art made with love

Once you get the hang of making your own painted letter stencils, you can make all kinds of custom wall decor and artistic projects! Custom wall art can be so expensive and I love doing painting projects myself and customizing my wall art with love!

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Nursery decor wood art sign with homemade letter stencils - Mommy Scene

Make a cute homemade wood art sign with painted lettering - Mommy Scene

Once my DIY lettering was in place, I just had to fill it in with paint. I chose a beautiful charcoal gray paint to contrast with the dusty blue background. When choosing my stencil fonts, I selected a variety of fonts that contrasted each other without clashing. You can tell that I love this color, I use dusty aqua and light blue in a lot of my home decor.

DIY cute homemade wood art panels with custom lettering - Mommy Scene

Grow in Wisdom, Grace, Strength and Courage

I love how my homemade wall art sign turned out! It’s a beautiful reminder of God’s grace in our lives, and how much he sustains us as we raise our little ones. My prayer for my son is that he would grow in wisdom, grace, strength and courage; all the traits for a generous, kindhearted and strong man who will some day support his own family and raise his own little ones. My husband is also a wonderful example of these character qualities.

DIY wood wall art with homemade stencils - Mommy Scene

I am so thankful to be the mom of a little boy and give his room a darling makeover (from a previously girls’ room). If you decided to make your own wall art, I hope you enjoy the creation process as much as I do! The custom letter stencil technique is pretty simple, it just requires a little patience, and allows you to make wood signs affordably for any area of your house!

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Marie L

Great idea! I needed this

Lauryn R

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the quote, and the fact that you made it yourself makes it that much more special. I definitely need to do something like this for my son. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

Christy P

I thought about my daughter when I saw this. She is always doing neat diy projects. I will share this with her.

Amanda J

I love this idea! This looks so neat!