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No-Sew Baby Bow Ties

No-Sew Baby Bow Ties

Baby boy bow ties are very easy to make with a scrap of ribbon and a hot glue gun! I whipped up four colorful ties this weekend to dress up my little guy for his belated baby shower. Our baby boy recently joined our family of girls and after three years of hair bows and tutus, I found myself regularly wondering how I could accessorize him. These bow ties are so cute and I was very excited to discover how simple they are to design in just minutes.

I can easily attach my homemade bow ties to any outfit or onesie with a small safety pin.

alt="No-Sew Dress Up Baby Bow Ties - Mommy Scene"

Bow ties are a perfect accessory for photos or a special event.

Easy Ribbon Baby Bow Ties - Mommy Scene

To make these cute baby boy bow ties, all you need is a length of wide ribbon. I used wire ribbon and just pulled the wire out. With so many types of plaid, striped, solid, and even glittery ribbon, your little guy could have a whole collection of bow ties!

Cute Ribbon Baby Bow Ties - Mommy Scene

Step 1: Cut the ribbon to 6″ in length. Take out any wire from the edges by pulling it out from the end.

No-Sew Infant Ribbon Bow Ties - Mommy Scene

Step 2: Glue the ribbon ends together to create a circle using a hot glue gun.

No-Sew Baby Bow Ties - Mommy Scene

Step 3: Fold down the edges of the ribbon loop to create a bow shape. Attach each edge with a dot of hot glue and repeat on the back side.

Handmade Baby Bow Ties - Mommy Scene

Step 4: Vertically fold and glue another piece of ribbon in half and glue it around the center of the bow tie.

Make your own infant bow tie - Mommy Scene

I made a green dot bow tie, red plaid, black and white gingham, and solid red bow tie.

No-Sew handmade baby bow tie - Mommy Scene

I’ve already had so much fun dressing up my little guy.

Cute handmade baby bow ties - Mommy Scene

DIY no-sew ribbon bow tie accessory

Handsome DIY Baby Bow Ties - Mommy Scene

Easily make any combination or color of infant bow tie using wide ribbon. No sewing required! I had a lot of fun making these and coming up with a creative way to accessorize my handsome little guy!

Easy ribbon bow tie accessory - Mommy Scene

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26 Comments on "No-Sew Baby Bow Ties"

Vickie C

How adorable these are, and I can do this!

Linda L

This is so cute. What an adorable idea. They really don’t look that hard to make. Thank you for sharing

Amber Ludwig

Omgosh is their anything cuter than a baby in a bow tie?!!? I think not!! I love that these are so easy and no sew!! Plus I can make any style that I want!! Too fun!!

Sandra Watts

These are great and so cute! I should do a few for my grand sons!

Beth Rees

Those are adorable! I love that you just have to use a glue gun. I can definitely do that

Gale McCarron

I adore bow ties on baby boys! I love this idea! Thank you!

Andrea Perullo

So cute, such a great idea!

Katie Hall

This is so cute =]] I can’t wait to make a few of these for our little man.

Denise Low

Thank you for sharing. These are so cute. You have a great idea.

Tina Reynolds

Such a little cutie. I love those little bows.

Sarah S

These are adorable! I have some super cute cartoon ribbons that I’ve been looking for a use for… these would be perfect 😀

Andrea D

What a great and cute idea!!!

Norma L

I have a machine and sometimes I just don’t feel like sewing, this is perfect!

Deborah Smith

This is a great idea especially for non-sewers

Jessie H

Love these! I’m about to have baby boy #2 – I see some matching bow ties in the boys’ future 🙂

Jeannine H

Perfect for a first b-day pic


How are you attaching them to baby’s shirt?? These are so cute.


Wonderful website. A lot of helpful information here.
I am sending it to several friends who have kids!


Love these! It can be challenging to accessorize a baby boy. These are too cute!


These baby bow ties are such a good idea!


These bow ties look so easy and customizable!


These bow ties are so easy! I featured your homemade bow ideas in my DIY bookmark tutorial.

Geena S

Cute bow ties. I want to make some. I think maybe glueing on a hair clip would be better to use then a safety pin.


Very cute, how are you attaching them to the garment?