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Creative Tape Painting Art

Creative Tape Painting Art

This awesome tape painting technique can be used to create beautiful, custom art. The possibilities are endless for the patterns and color schemes you can create. This project is perfect for mommies who need a creative outlet or for kids to make a wall hanging for their room.


Spray a canvas or art board with white or a solid color paint to create the underlining base. The color you use will be the color of the tape stripes. Let it fully dry.

Make a pattern on the board with washi tape or masking tape. This pattern could include triangles, parallel strips, or a random geometric design.

Paint the shapes in between the tape using different colors of acrylic paint. Let it fully dry.

Gently remove the tape to reveal the base-colored stripes.

Hang it on the wall and enjoy!


DIY Tape Painting Art Technique - Mommy Scene

This artistic piece was created by painting a background using multi-colored paint, applying the tape design in a chevron-inspired pattern, and spraying the canvas with white paint. The peeled-off tape revealed the underlining colorful design.

Painting with masking tape creative art - Mommy Scene

Tape painting can be used on a grouping of paintings to create a modern look that fills a larger space.

Creative Tape Painting DIY Activity - Mommy Scene

This soft design features a gradient blue background topped by a colorful collage of pastels.

Beautiful Tape Painting Art - Mommy Scene

Create this design by spraying the canvas with metallic gold and painting each taped shape with opaque jewel colored paint.

Creative Tape Painting DIY Project - Mommy Scene

This art piece features a white background with an eclectic design of colors painted on top of the tape. The design was revealed when the tape was peeled off.

Tape painting is inexpensive because you can use supplies you probably already have at home. It’s also creative and an easy enough project for moms and kids to do together and just have fun!

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