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How to Fix Scuffed Kids’ Sparkle Shoes

How to Fix Scuffed Kids’ Sparkle Shoes

My kids are forever wanting to dress up and wear their sparky shoes and fluffy tutus to the playground and bounce house. I love having girls who love dress up but it also means their fancy clothing and shoes quickly become well loved. My 2-year-old often wears a dress for 3 days in a row, refusing to take it of even for bedtime. Childhood, right? Little kids don’t sweat much and my girls never get truly filthy, so I don’t mind if she wants to live in her favorite dress. These kitty shoes have been beloved by both my girls, which required me to give them a little makeover. These sparkly pink shoes were secondhand to begin with, and after a year of my daughter frolicking through the grass in our yard, these cute flats needed some TLC. I’m excited to share how I found some matching paint, pink glitter nail polish, and fixed these little kitty shoes right up!

How to fix kids' sparkle shoes with fabric paint and nail polish - Mommy Scene

All I needed to fix up my daughter’s shoes was some pink fabric paint and pink sparkly nail polish. These supplies were fairly easy to obtain. Then I squeezed pink fabric paint onto all the worn areas of the shoes, applying the paint fairly generously. I used a paint brush to smooth out the fabric paint. I let the layer of fabric paint fully dry, and then topped it with several layers of pink sparkly nail polish on the sparkly areas of the shoes.

Fix kids' sparkle shoes with fabric paint and nail polish - Mommy Scene

The pink fabric paint touched the front of these little girl kitty shoes right up. The pink sparkly nail polish blended right in, filled in scuffs, and allowed me to give these cute little girl shoes a second life. I also gently trimmed any threads from spots along the straps that were looking kind of worn.

Fix kids' sparkle shoes with fabric paint and nail polish - Mommy Scene

Easily fix kids' sparkle shoes with fabric paint and nail polish - Mommy Scene

I love how my little girl shoe makeover turned out! My daughter was thrilled to have her shoes made sparkly again because they were pretty much her favorite shoes. Since then she has outgrown them and passed them on to little sister and guess what, I have to touch the up again! These shoes are once again a favorite; my youngest girl loves all things with kitties and she is inseparable from her stuffed cat. I know she will be so happy when I fix up her pink kitty shoes again!

Bottom line, you can breathe new life into favorite shoes for just a few dollars; go grab some fabric paint and sparkly nail polish. Or if your daughter has silver or white shoes, you can easily paint over scuffs with silver or white nail polish!

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Angela Windham

So cute ?I’m going to have to try this especially on second hand shoes


Wonderful blog! This is a great idea to fix kids’ shoes, especially ones they love the most


Love this idea for updating and fixing kids’ shoes.


Pretty! This is a wonderful idea for fixing scuffed sparkle shoes.