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Make a Rainbow Table

Make a Rainbow Table

Covering a table with tape is such an awesome idea for turning an old piece of furniture or a kid’s play table into a rainbow kaleidoscope of color! This technique is perfect for a child’s room or to brighten up an office. You can transform your furniture with just a few easy steps and minimal materials!


  • Assortment of duct tape, paper tape or washi tape
  • Piece of furniture

Design a rainbow tape table with washi tape - Mommy Scene


Simply cover the desired surface of your piece of furniture with side-by-side strips of tape that are slightly overlapping. Firmly press down the tape edges to prevent the tape from peeling back up. You can top the table with a piece of glass or plastic as an extra protective layer or enjoy it as-is.

Make a colorful tape table with washi tape
Photo credit: Elise Blaha


Here are some amazing examples of furniture decorated with colorful tape!
This super cute table is covered with paper tape and topped with plexiglass as a protective layer.

DIY table with washi tape - Mommy Scene
Photo credit: Life Sweet Life Blog

This table started out as a simple white Ikea table and was decorated with colorful tape to create a vibrantly eye-catching side table.

Make a colorful tape table
Photo credit: Lizrael Update

This table was created with cellophane tapes arranged in a repeated, colorful pattern.

Make a rainbow washi tape table - Mommy Scene
Photo credit: Instructables

This entire dining room set was created with colorful duct tape strips arranged in a haphazard pattern. It looks like these project designers even taped the rug too!

DIY rainbow duct tape table set - Mommy Scene
Photo credit: 101 Duct Tape Crafts

This table started out as a unfinished table and was covered with decorative patterned tape to create a colorful craft table for a child’s bedroom. The finished product is so modern and chic!

Colorful DIY washi tape table - Mommy Scene
Photo credit: My Mind’s Eye Blog

It’s super easy to make something creative for a special space in your home! Which rainbow table design is your favorite?

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Make a rainbow table with Washi Tape - Mommy Scene

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such a cute idea! these are so colorful


now I want to make one of these custom tables