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Mommy Fashion & Beauty Basics

Mommy Fashion & Beauty Basics

Mommy fashion can be pretty and stylish without requiring a ton of your precious time. Do you struggle with getting your kids dressed and yourself dressed too? I’m in the stage of life where I have to have help from my husband to get the kids ready when we are going somewhere, otherwise no one gets out the door! I’m also the person who absolutely can’t leave the house unless I’ve done my makeup (mascara and everything), because not doing so makes me feel partially dressed. I’ve found ways to maintain my style standards and beauty routine even in the midst of caring for 3 young children who need so much attention. A low-key hair routine, 5 simple go-to makeup products, and a few cute wardrobe basics are all I need to feel presentable and stylish.

Mommy Fashion Basics and Matilda Jane dress - Mommy Scene

I have 2 girls and Matilda Jane Clothing has quickly become a favorite kids’ clothing brand in our home. But did you know Matilda Jane also offers fashions for ladies and moms? This was a no-brainer, since so many moms shop for their little girls. I picked up this darling tiered ruffle dress from MJ’s Good Luck Trunk sale they offer several times a year, usually before introducing a new clothing collection. I primarily love the soft colors; muted cranberry detailed with light pink edging. The ruffles fall in the right places and this stylish dress pairs perfectly with leggings for winter or as a sweet sundress in warmer weather.

Simple Go-To Fashion Accessories

Belt – I keep just enough accessories to pair with a wide variety of styles. This silver twisted belt is the perfect addition to my Matilda Jane dress to accent the gathered waist style. I love how the shiny silver brings out some of the grays hidden in the pattern of this dress, while also brightening the cranberry color.

Jewelry – I found this cool rhinestone leaf bracelet at a consignment sale and I love how it contributes a bit of sparkle to any outfit. I’m not a huge jewelry person, mostly because it’s impractical to put it all on while also stocking the diaper bag, hunting for missing socks, and trying to ensure the kids don’t undress themselves while we are trying to get out the door. I do enjoy a few jewelry accessories that I can grab and go, and which are also durable enough to withstand kids’ playing with my accessories.

Earrings – I’ve always loved dangly earrings and now that my babies are older and past the stage of wanting to pull on everything, I can actually wear fun earrings! Colorful and sparkly earrings are a fun accessory to accent an entire outfit, can even replace wearing a necklace, and provide some simple sparkle around your face.

Mommy Fashion Basics and sparkly bracelet - Mommy SceneMommy Fashion Basics and rhinestone earrings and Matilda Jane accessories - Mommy Scene

Matilda Jane is known for their detailing and they put darling age appropriate accents within the ladies’ fashions. This cranberry ruffle dress for ladies has darling rhinestone buttons along the shoulder, a 3-tiered cascade of ruffles and a gathered waist band so that it hugs the body in a hourglass shape. I like the simple design of this dress and modest cut so that it provides good coverage for a range of body types, while also being lightweight and breezy.

To shop and purchase Matilda Jane fashions, you can shop through a Trunk Keeper like my lovely friend Amanda Huizenga Trunk Keeper #860 to receive all the latest details about the latest Matilda Jane Collection.

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Mommy Fashion Basics and Matilda Jane dress with ruffles - Mommy SceneMommy Fashion Basics and Matilda Jane - Mommy Scene

My little girl always wants a cuddle and I’m always happy to give her one!

Mommy Fashion Basics and Benecos Makeup - Mommy Scene

Simple Go-To Makeup for Busy Moms

I love discovering a favorite makeup brand and I tend to stick with the same favorite products. Here are some of my basic essentials I use to get ready for the day.

Foundation – I’ve always used a light almost translucent foundation for my light skin color. It’s so important to choose a foundation that is right for your skin tone and that doesn’t make your face look yellow or pink. I’ve had makeup consultants try to tell me a color was right for me, when I felt like it was entirely too pink. Fortunately I’ve found a good basic color that is available from many skincare lines so I stick with that. I’d rather apply a pale foundation and add some bronzer and blush, than use a foundation that is too dark for my skin tone.

Blush is an essential to make my skin look rosy, especially if using a pale foundation like I do or when applying a lot of foundation to cover blemishes. I apply a light streak of blush from the corner of my lips to my ear in an angled line. I wouldn’t recommend using a circular motion to apply blush.

Pressed Power has always been a tough one for me because I’ve tried many brands and my face will still become shiny throughout the day. I’ve discovered an ingenious solution; I use cornstarch in the place of pressed power, which keeps my face shine-free all day long. A light dusting of cornstarch also helps makeup stay in place during warm weather and acts as a base for eye shadow. I’ve used straight up cornstarch on my face for years and I love it!

Mommy Fashion Basics and Benecos natural makeup - Mommy Scene

I recently discovered Benecos natural beauty products, a natural makeup brand that offers certified natural beauty solutions made from plants and minerals. I am impressed by the variety of products they offer for your lips, face, eyes, and skin. I received several products to try including this natural lipstick, bronzer and blush duo, and vegan natural volume mascara.

Benecos Natural Volume Mascara enhances your lashes with the large clump-free bristle brush that boosts definition, provides lift, and separates individual lashes. It also moisturizes the lashes with Vitamin E. I like the volume and definition this mascara provides and it is also easy to remove, which means my lashes stay healthier because I don’t have to scrub this mascara off, but it also doesn’t hold up against moisture. The fact that it provides natural thickening of my lashes and also easily wipes off (when I’m washing my face or during touch-up) makes it a good basic for my makeup routine.

The bronzer is a bit darker than I’d prefer but I can see this being a fun product to use in the summer when my skin isn’t looking so pale. I like that it has blush built into the side so you can go pinker on the cheek areas.

Benecos lipstick goes on so smoothly and stays in place for a good amount of time. Benecos Natural Lipstick is creamy, long-lasting, and packed with all kinds of organic ingredients and pure minerals to provide brilliant color and Vitamin E for natural moisture. It’s available in a variety of colors including this fun “Catwalk” red color, muted pinks, and rosy earth tones.

Mommy Fashion Basics and Benecos makeup with natural ingredients - Mommy Scene
Benecos natural makeup review - Mommy Scene
Mommy Fashion Basics and Benecos natural makeup review - Mommy Scene

If you are looking for a new makeup brand, I’d recommend checking out Benecos natural makeup, you just might discover a new favorite product for your makeup routine! I keep my morning routine simple and repeatable so that I can quickly get ready for the day and move on to helping the kids. Of course my little girls love everything girly, so if they see me doing my makeup, they want a makeover too!

Easy Hair Care Routine

I definitely don’t have a bunch of time to do my hair, so I use simple products such as Giovanni 2chic hair products and my trusty hair straightener. On a special occasion, I love using my straightener at an angle to make wavey curls, or you can use the super innovative TYME Iron to accomplish curly or straight hair with one unique design!

The TYME Iron’s ergonomic design allows you to create two beautiful looks with one tool which used to require a separate curling iron or traditional flat iron straightener. With the TYME Iron, you can now create long-lasting curls AND silky straight hair by using the two sides of the iron separately.

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Mommy Fashion Basics and accessories - Mommy SceneMommy Fashion Basics and skincare - Mommy Scene

Simple Skincare Solutions

The other part of my beauty routine includes skincare and moisturizing. My skin can get so dry in the winter and I’ve been using some great products to remedy this. Some of my favorite skincare products include Le Mieux Cosmetics eye wrinkle corrector, Le Mieux TGF Booster, Cell Rejuvenating Cream, and Perfect Renewal serum. These skincare products transform my face from feeling dry and tight into feeling soft and moisturized. I especially like the eye wrinkle corrector after a long restless night or sleep interrupted by the kids. The Le Mieux TGF Booster is luxuriously rejuvenating for skin affected by winter weather; I use this several times a week underneath my regular makeup. The Cell Rejuvenating Cream is a wonderful lightweight moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin feel greasy, a total go-to product. See my full review of these Le Mieux skincare products here!

Mommy Fashion Basics and Le Mieux Skincare - Mommy SceneMommy Fashion Basics and Benecos makeup for moms - Mommy Scene

Mommy Fashion Basics and Matilda Jane mug - Mommy Scene

Overall, mommy life is about serving my family, serving the Lord and encouraging my friends, and taking care of my kiddos. Some days look more organized than others. We keep life pretty simple and often make blanket forts instead of venturing out into the big wide world especially in winter. It can be hard to get 3 kids out of the car and into any store, so I enjoy shopping online and direct my creative ambitions towards making crafts with my little girls. Mommy life is full and fabulous in its own way with adventures in the kitchen and training at every turn. What do you enjoy most about life with your kids?

Mommy Fashion Basics and Matilda Jane - Mommy Scene

I hope you enjoyed my fun and easy fashion and beauty tips from a mom in the fun chaos of mommy life!

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You both are cute looking. Great to see how you maintain it. Something that i will look forward.

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What a gorgeous outfit! You’re looking great!


This is so good! Something to share with my mom friends


fabulous post loved your outfit and accessories 🙂

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This is the way to live! The more room we have it feels like we just have to fill the holes up. Over the last couple of years I have slowly cleaned out and got rid of the extra.

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Great beauty tips. I would like to find a natural beauty line as to keep my skin fresh and free
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I love your look! I definitely need to get an easier hair routine. A fast working straightener is a great idea, thanks!

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Love this! It is important for moms to find simple routines that keep them feeling not-so-frumpy.. . My makeup routine is even shorter (smokey eyeliner and lipstick and on summer days, mascara as well)…. I fix myself up daily even though I have 4 kids and these winter days means I am home bound… wearing a dress while staying at home


I really like the jewelry!


Can’t decide what I’m in love with the most! Dress, earrings or belt! Awesome style!

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I began a simplified beauty routine when I had my first child and have kept with it ever since. I think it’s important to continue taking care of yourself and looking nice every day. It looks like you have figured it all out.

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Such a great post. I love how you make motherhood fun and enjoyable. I also love Matilda Jane!


The belt really makes it pop.