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Luxurious Beauty Products Made with Honey

Luxurious Beauty Products Made with Honey

Body products that are luxurious, natural, chemical-free and fragrant can be hard to come by, but not with Savannah Bee products! I was so excited to try out some of their delightfully scented beeswax and honey-based skincare and lip care boasting delicious fragrances such as blackberry rose and mint blossom. Savannah Bee is quickly becoming a favorite among my daily beauty brands. I received the Savannah Bee Majesty Gift Set in Blackberry Rose and their beeswax lip gloss in Mint Blossom.

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I was immediately impressed with the product packaging upon opeaning my box. This super unique bees-inspired packing material is Eco-friendly and over the top classy! It’s pretty much brown paper cut to resemble honey comb, but looks amazing.

Savannah Bee Majesty Set with cute packaging

Savannah Bee’s Majesty Travel Gift Set comes in three fragrances; Lemongrass Spearmint, Blackberry Rose, and Tupelo Honey. It would be hard to choose between them because they all sound amazing! This set is perfect for travel or to give as a gift; I don’t know a single lady who wouldn’t love this set. The Majesty Set comes with Honey Body Wash, Honey Body Lotion, Beeswax Lip Balm, and a beautiful Majesty zipper travel bag. Even the box is delightfully scented because of all the products inside.

Savannah Bee Majesty boxed set review

Savannah Bee Body Care

The Blackberry Rose Honey Body Lotion is my favorite. It rejuvenates and naturally softens, leaving your hands with a delicately smooth finish. It seeps into all my dry spots and cracked skin areas (I wash a lot of dishes and change a lot of diapers), and has a very sweet rosy fragrance. This honey lotion also makes drier areas feel a bit tingly, indicating that I need to apply more to moisturize that spot. I love that this wonderful lotion comes in a larger 8 oz. size; worth every penny! Savannah Bee Honey Body Lotion also comes in a variety of fragrances. Featuring ingredients such as coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, beeswax, honey, and safflower oil, Savannah Bee lotion skips all the fillers that clog your pores and infuses your skin with the good stuff!

Savannah Bee Majesty Set with lotion, body wash, and lip balm

The Blackberry Rose Honey Body Wash exfoliates and naturally cleanses. It has a soapy honey scent with sweet undertones. It also creates mild suds and leaves your skin feeling soft. My daughter couldn’t wait to wash her hands with it! This body wash will last through numerous uses — all you need is a small dab on your hands or a bath loofah.

Savannah Bee honey body wash

The Majesty Gift Set is a great choice for pampering yourself or a friend. Featuring natural ingredients and luscious fragrances, it’s perfect for all ladies who enjoy using body products.

Savannah Bee honey-based beauty products

Honey Infused Lip Care

Also included in the Majesty Gift set is Wild Blackberry Honey Lip Balm. I am a huge fan of beeswax lip balm. I have a friend who makes amazing beeswax lip balm in her kitchen from her own hive so I feel like I’m a little biased. Even so, Savannah Bee lip balm glides on smoothly and leaves my lips feeling silky and hydrated. It’s not greasy, gritty, or heavy at all. It’s also not strongly scented; much lighter than the lotion, the Wild Blackberry lip balm is lightly fragranced with sweet undertones. I don’t even notice the fragrance after awhile, just the silky moisturization.

Savannah Bee Mint Blossom natural lip gloss

I also had a chance to try Savannah Bee Beeswax Lip Gloss which comes in four fragrances; Tupelo Honey, Mint Blossom, Wild Blackberry, and Sweet Nothings. I have always been a lip gloss fanatic but as an adult I’ve stopped buying products with tons of chemical ingredients and artificial fragrances. Some of that stuff you put into your body through your skin never leaves! I love that Savannah Bee lip gloss is naturally formulated and still offers a delightful shimmery finish for my lips! The mint infuses this lip gloss as a light flavor as well as a fragrance and the color evenly glides on, without feeling greasy.

Savannah Bee natural honey body products

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Savannah Bee offers hand care, hair care, body care and lip care products made with natural ingredients and infused with honey, beeswax, and royal jelly in different combinations for their various products. If you’ve been looking for natural products without fillers and artificial ingredients, Savannah Bee health and beauty products are a luxuriously natural alternative! Savannah Bee encompasses a passion for bees, beekeeping, honey and natural beauty products that deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients.

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I really like their products, the lotion is awesome!

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These products sound so good. Love to try them.


Great products and healthy lifestyle tips!

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These are awesome products!

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This would make a nice gift for someone on any occasion

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Ooh those look awesome!

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These look like really great products.

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I have not come across this brand before. I really have dry skin from Hashimoto’s and I am always trying to find soaps that will not dry my skin further and lotions that will truly moisturize. I will look for this brand on my next shopping trip or order it online. Thanks for this informative review.