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Fabulous Coco & Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag

Fabulous Coco & Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag

Coco & Kiwi was founded by a mom entrepreneur with the mission of providing smart products with easy clean up. They offer beautiful diaper bags, practical toddler training pants and waterproof seat liners, each defined by the slogan “Messy Baby, Happy Mom”! Our review moms Katie and Amy had the opportunity to review this gorgeous high-quality Sydney Diaper Bag in Jade and Amber. We are excited to share with you our favorite features of the Coco & Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag, which is also a Green Scene Mom Award winner!

The Coco & Kiwi “Sydney” diaper bag comes in colors Amber, Jade, and Buff. These cheerful hues add an eye catching twist to an otherwise super functional diaper bag. The Sydney bag is made of durable and easy-to-clean faux leather, accented with sturdy hardware and zippers. The inside and outside of the bag is completely wipeable so this bag will probably stay looking beautiful for a long time. We love that the bags have a contrasting color lining inside! The Amber bag is lined with deep turquoise water resistant material, while the Jade and Buff bags have fuchsia lining.

Coco and Kiwi Sydney leather diaper bag review - Mommy Scene

Included with the bag is a folding changing pad, a waterproof mess bag that unzips from the diaper bag for easy cleaning, a long shoulder strap, and detachable stroller straps. The interior of the bag holds a lot of gear, ideal for serving as a purse and diaper bag. The Sydney Diaper Bag has seven inner pockets. The end pockets are ideal for holding powder and a bottle, and you can tuck away socks, a pacifier, and other smaller accessories in the small pockets. The one inner zipper pocket is perfect for holding your keys and phone. It can be hard for a mom on the go to carry a purse and a diaper bag, and the Sydney bag is stylish and accommodating enough to combine the two into one!

Coco and Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag has an inner wet bag - Mommy Scene review

The inner “wet bag” unzips from the rest of the diaper bag for easy removal and cleaning in the washing machine. This works perfectly for soiled diapers or clothes. It’s slim and takes up minimal space inside, and you won’t have to remember to pack your wet bag since it’s attached to the bag.

Coco and Kiwi Sydney leather diaper bag fits lots of essentials - Mommy Scene review

One of our favorite details on the Sydney Diaper Bag are the four metal studs on the bottom of the bag that help keep it clean. These studs allow you to put your bag on the floor without it really touching the floor. They also help to reduce wear on the bottom of the bag. The hardware on the bag is sturdy metal. The Amber bag has gold hardware and the Jade and Buff bags have silver hardware.

Beautiful Amber Coco and Kiwi Sydney leather diaper bag with feet - Mommy Scene review

We have 6 kids between the two of us moms and we have used just as many (6) other diaper bags that are all top brand names. The quality of this bag definitely holds up to the others. It is not the roomiest of diaper bags when zipped closed because it tapers at the top, but it holds plenty of necessities for one baby or minimal items (extra pants, a few diapers, a pacifier, etc.) for several kids. You can also fit more if you don’t zip it closed.

High quality leather Sydney Diaper Bag - Mommy Scene review

Zippers on diaper bags get the most wear, especially when too much gets packed into the bag, or the zipper is quickly pulled while you’re trying to grab an emergency baby wipe. We’ve taken these bags everywhere and haven’t been very gentle with them and they still look brand new, even after several months. The edges are stitched with durable stitching and the zippers are finished off with easy-to-grab leather tabs and reinforcing rivets. It didn’t take long for the Coco & Kiwi Diaper Bag to become a favorite oversized bag for on the go.

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Coco and Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag in Amber with pull out changing pad - Mommy Scene review

The coordinating lining of Coco & Kiwi diaper bags are a fun pop of color! We also really like the Coco & Kiwi Provence Bag, a navy and white nautical stripe with brown leather accents. All Coco & Kiwi products that we’ve used are all top quality and meet very fundamental needs.

Coco and Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag in Amber - Mommy Scene review

Coco & Kiwi’s Sydney Diaper Bag in Amber

Coco and Kiwi Sydney leather diaper bag in Jade - Mommy Scene review

Coco & Kiwi’s Sydney Diaper Bag in Jade

Coco & Kiwi also make really cute potty training pants and car seat/stroller liners for potty training. These “smart products” make it easy to clean up and enjoy life with your little ones, without the puddles. Stop by the Coco & Kiwi blog to read some great posts about potty training!

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Mommy Fashion Coco & Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag - Mommy Scene

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Jessica B

Oh my gosh! These are easily some of the cutest bags I’ve ever seen!

Gabby A

Omg these bags are gorgeous and they don’t even look like diaper bags

Amber L

How adorable!! I love the bright beautiful colors and the bottom studs so it doesn’t sit on the floor!!

Kaitlin K

Honestly, this bag would be way to small for me… but these bags are beautiful and I love that they don’t look like a diaper bag!


That is one ultra chic diaper bag! I would never even think it was a diaper bag if I saw someone carrying it around.

Linda L.

I just love the jade bag. Thank color is so pretty. I also love that you are able to wipe down the inside of these bags. Thank you so much for sharing

Deborah D

I love the yellow bag. The thing that I love the most is that it doesn’t even look like a diaper bag.

Sarah H

this looks like a great bag for quick trips. the colors are fun and it looks like its very well made.

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These are the cutest diaper bags I have ever seen I would love one for my granddaughter

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I love the color and design of these bags.

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Oh wow these bags are so cute! Putting one on my wishlist for sure!!


These are gorgeous bags! I really like the Jade colored one!

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What a nice looking bag to have, I would have never thought it was a diaper bag.


omg these are so cute!!!

June S

Wow! diapers bags sure have changed a lot since I had my children back in the eighties. These are really sharp looking and very stylish.

Rose Reeder

I really like the Coco & Kiwi’s Sydney Diaper Bag in Jade.

Megan B

These are beautiful!! They don’t even look like diaper bags.

Jeena B

Those are the best looking diaper bags I have ever seen!! I want one and I don’t have a baby. Well to be fair I have grandbabies. I can still rock one right??