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2016 Spring Baby Shower Faves & Essentials

2016 Spring Baby Shower Faves & Essentials

Spring is here! Which means lots of family adventuring, outdoor play dates, picnics at the park, and spring Baby Showers! We are excited to once again showcase our second annual 2016 Spring Baby Shower Faves featuring a wide variety of baby shower gift ideas; mom-favorites, best sellers, and basic must-haves for families! Whether you are a seasoned mom of several little ones, expecting your second, or a brand new soon-to-be mom, these products can help make life easier, more Eco-friendly, and some of them are just plain adorable! Attending or planning an upcoming baby shower? Check out these great baby shower gift ideas!

Baby Essentials

Our Baby Shower Faves include everything baby needs for bath time and to stay nice and moisturized using natural ingredients. Pamper baby with this awesome flower baby bath tub, or with natural baby Squeak Wash. These adorable and soft towels and wash cloths make great baby shower gifts too!

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Blooming Baby Bath and Baby Eco Squeak Wash Spring Baby Shower Faves - Hooded Towels from the Outback Collection and Matimati Baby Bamboo Washcloths

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Natural baby products are the way to go, especially for babies with sensitive skin. BabySpa and Wicks Beauty have baby covered from head to toe for basics like clay-based diaper cream and luxurious, naturally formulated baby cologne. (One of our personal baby shower gift idea favorites!)

Spring Baby Shower Faves - BabySpa and Wicks Beauty Spring Baby Shower Faves - BabySpa

Bedtime is cozy with Revelae Kids Cozy Sleepers, a Woolino sleep bag, and Baby Handsocks. These baby shower gift ideas are universal for boys and girls and help support sleep training and much-needed rest for mom. Tuck baby in after reading her personalized bedtime book.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Cozy Sleeper and Blanket Pouch and Woolino sleep bag Spring Baby Shower Faves - Handsocks and I See Me books

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Playtime and lounging on the carpet or grass is chill with a Baby Pallet. Cute Doodle Pants and a bandana bib will have your baby styling in no time as they hang out with the rest of the family. A light-up NogginStik stimulates sensory reception and motor skills. These practical baby shower gifts are super cute too!

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Doodle Pants and Matimati Baby Bandana Bibs Spring Baby Shower Faves - The Baby Pallet and NogginStik

You’ll be on the go in no time, or at least find your little one eager to go. Little Dundi’s walker helps babies practice taking first steps, while See Kai Run baby shoes protect their little feet. And don’t go anywhere without your baby’s medical data on board, another great baby shower gift idea!

Spring Baby Shower Faves - See Kai Run shoes and Little Dundi My Early Steps Spring Baby Shower Faves - See Kai Run Smaller Steps and Baby's Medical Data on Board Sign

Diapering, teething, lounging and more, these great baby shower gift ideas cover it all. Cloth diapers are helpful for going green at home and reducing househould trash. Natural shea butter and avocado body cream will leave your little one’s skin feeling silky soft, just as it should be.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Wristy Buddy Teething Wristband and Buttons Diapers Spring Baby Shower Faves - Baby Elephant Ears and Mindful Soap Body Cream

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If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift, check out these bodysuits with built-in bib, or a teething mitt that fits on baby’s hand. These huggable friends help keep a pacifier in and a sleepsack is a must-have for cozy slumber.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Halo SleepSack Swaddle and UnderBib bodysuitSpring Baby Shower Faves - WubbaNub Infant Pacifier and Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Babylove and Pearhead album

Feeding & Mealtime

Spring Baby Shower Faves - organicKidz and 5 Phases bottles Spring Baby Shower Faves - Refresh-a-Baby and MAM bottle brush

Bottles are kind of a big deal for a baby if you’re not exclusively breastfeeding. Glass and stainless bottles offer plastic-free bottle alternatives, or you can convert standard water bottles using this handy attachment for older babies.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Yummi Pouch Brights Reusable Food Pouches and Pacific Baby feeding set Spring Baby Shower Faves - Poli Sippy Cup and Pacific Baby spoons
Baby food prep may feel like a short lived stage but it’s also an essential one. Reusable food pouches make it easy to prepare homemade baby food and train your baby to feed themselves. Natural bamboo tableware is a great baby shower gift idea, an Eco-friendly alternative to plastic utensils and bowls! Stainless steel food containers and modern lunchboxes make it easy to take snacks on the go.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - organicKidz Thermal Food Containers and Stoh Lunch Tote by Milkdot

Home & Nursery

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Withings Home and Crane Bumblebee Cool Mist Humidifier Spring Baby Shower Faves - Pello Luxe Floor Pillow and Ubbi diaper pail

Keep tabs on your baby from any room in the house, or keep baby always next to you with a floor pillow. A good humidifier and diaper pail are nursery must-haves on any baby shower gift wish list.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Micuna SMART FRESH bassinet and babeetalk Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover Spring Baby Shower Faves - Babyhome Emotion Stroller and Folding Pack n Play Mattress by Sproutwise Kids

Traveling with baby? Every family with little ones needs a reliable stroller, and a folding travel mattress makes nights away a lot easier. At home, this chic bassinet and crib rail cover will make your nursery a little more posh. A travel baby seat that fits on any chair is super useful for families on the go, and every mom and dad needs a stylish (or manly) diaper bag.
Spring Baby Shower Faves - Cozy Cover Easy Seat and timi and leslie Marcelle diaper bag and Dad Gear backpack

Mom Gear

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Cozy Sun & Bug Cover and Beachfront Baby Sling Spring Baby Shower Faves - LullaBelay and Onya Cruiser Bundle

Enjoy the summer weather this summer with these innovative baby shower gift ideas. A carseat cover will keep the bugs away from baby, while a sling or baby carrier is perfect for summer babywearing. Too many kids for your shopping cart? Check out the one-of-a-kind LullaBelay shopping cart strap system.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Cezara belly support panty and Bridge the Bump Coat ExtensionsSpring Baby Shower Faves - Mama Strut Maternity Support System and Postpartum Care System

These baby shower gift ideas are for mom and her growing belly. Belly support panties, coat extensions, and therapeutic support products for moms both before and after baby can make pregnancy and delivery a lot more comfortable.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Baby Bump ball and Momma's Jewels Teething NecklaceSpring Baby Shower Faves - Psi Bands and Diaper 911 Diaper Changing Kit

Fancy a birth ball? How about one designed especially for pregnant moms? Sterling silver teething necklaces add some glam to the teething experience, while giving baby a sanitary surface to chomp on. Nausea relief would be welcomed by many pregnant moms, and Diaper 911 has you covered for all diaper related emergencies.

Spring Baby Shower Faves - Milkies Milk-Saver and Melinda G Smoothly Divine Nursing Bra Spring Baby Shower Faves - Covered Goods nursing cover and Back Buddy Support Pillow

Nursing is a cherished experience for many moms, and these baby shower faves help with just that. Nursing covers, accessories, nursing bras, and breastfeeding support pillows all make wonderful and practical baby shower gifts.

Which Baby Shower gift ideas would you use the most?

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